Friday, September 7, 2012

Disgusted, Challenge Day 4, and Surgical Consult

OK , guys... check out this beauty:

Dr. OZ 99 Diet Foods

O. M. G.

I think I see exactly 17 things on this whole list that are not filled with crap artificial ingredients. And most of them are in the "condiment" section. It's disgusting how much money this guy is making to hock "health food"

Ok. I'm moving on.

It's Challenge Day 4 and things feel a bit easier. My hubby disagrees. He wants some diet soda. lol. I got him some seltzer.

TGIF babies. This week getting back into school and church meetings, in addition to work and kids has been... um... eye opening. For example, I honestly did not even realize I have not exercised since Monday. MONDAY PEOPLE. WTF?? Needless to say, this weekend is going to be painful because I'm going to make up all that time at home and at Bodyology.

I guess I need to go back to scheduling in workouts. I know Tues and Thursdays will not happen, since I'm out the door at 6:00 and not back in till 9:00 and Monday will be tough, as class is till 8:15... I walk on lunch, but I don't count that as a workout. That means the W, F, S and S will have to be it. Got to get it done!

Alright, so on to my appointment. This surgeon is awesome. I have seen some of her work, and she was personable, knowledgeable, and patient with my questions. Awesome. I feel like I will be in good hands.

She tells me I actually need a more extended procedure that previously thought. It's hard to explain, but I will need 2 incisions to do the job right, a vertical down the center, and a horizontal along the pelvic bone. The horizontal incision will be used to remove the whole bottom section, which will then be pulled tight and closed up, and the vertical will be pulled into the center, skin removed and then closed up.


The arms will be straightforward. Incision from elbow to under the arm. Skin removed and pulled tight (but not too tight!) and closed up.

She had one of the other docs come in and see me, hear my story and check out my arms. He said he is doing a newer method of arms, and described it to me. What it comes down to is, there will be less scar, but also less taken off, and for my arms, because they are so loose all the way to the elbow (and even beyond, but there is nothing to do about that), it really wouldn't work and could even need a revision. I told him I don’t care about the scar. This is not a vanity thing, I'll wear a scar proudly. I will not wear hanging skin proudly... not when it causes pain and excessive care.

So, everything has been compiled and sent to the insurance company. I will call next week to see if they have heard anything. The doctor *seemed* very confident that the abdomen would be covered, but is, as I suspected, less optimistic about the arms.

So, send me up some good thoughts that whoever reviews my case will be kind. I would still like to lose about 20 lbs before surgery, but I'm not going to STOP myself from having it if I don't get quite that much.

When I told the doc I wanted to lose more, her eyebrows shot up - "MORE?" lol... yes. I guess it seems like 175 would be enough. But I want a normal BMI, and if I lose 20, and 20 of skin I will be.

Here is the link to my fundraising page, even if you just want to check out the whole story!

Kelliann's Reconstructive Surgery

Alright guys. Head into the weekend strong and keep moving forward!


  1. When you said you handed him seltzer, I nearly choked on my spit laughing---imagining my husbands face if I did that! Bwaahaha! That's SO funny!


    1. Yeah, he gave me a little evil eye, but drank it! Such a compliant boy! LOL

  2. So you'll have a T scar then? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    1. Yup... she asked if I would mind having a scar like that - I told her no way! I'm not looking to wear a bikini, I just want to be normal and not be in pain! lol... Is that what you had??