Monday, September 10, 2012

Challenge, Day 7 (oh, yeah, and 5 and 6)

Hello Blogger peeps-

I'm such a bad blogger on the weekends! I just never have time to sit down and write. So, here we are on Monday and I will update you on the last 3 days of the challenge...

This weekend was a tough-y for sure. Temptations were everywhere. I admit I almost caved a few times, but kept moving forward with the "just for today" idea. I'm going to stick out this challenge "just for today". Crossed each one in the same way...

It's all that pumpkin stuff out, dammit. It's everywhere! Let's take a super healthy vegetable and fill it with sugar - BAM - instant inner-fat-girl-junkie reaction. So, what did I do? I made incredible pumpkin blueberry oatmeal for breakfast yesterday and today. I used pumpkin pie spices, and I think it was fantastic. Not one stitch of added sugar (sweetness only from blueberries), and not one stitch of added artificial sweetner.


My hubby stayed strong with me, although he was as wavery as me at times. I'm really glad we stuck it out. This morning I found myself saying: "now what?"

Hmmmm, now what... well, the diet soda is gone for good, as far as I am concerned. Cheese? Yes, I miss it a little. I would have liked a little sprinkle of parmasean on my chili today - but that's the difference. A sprinkle or parm, or an oz of my reduced fat chedder, but not 4 oz a day. Let's see - stevia... well, I will likely use a little again. But I have found such great sweetness in using fruits for sweet things (like oatmeal) I will likely save it for use in something that is only on occasion.

Oh my beloved Click. I am afraid that I will not like the way it tastes now. It's really out of my system. I will find alternative coffee sustinance. Decaf, likely, and maybe using a little almond milk and stevia? Not sure. Untill I really am interested in it, I'm not going to worry about it. A little black tea in the morning is perfectly fine with me right now.

So, I guess "what now" is just more of the same. I feel good. Yes, it's hard, but it's healthy and fuels my body correctly.

I killed it on Saturday morning at Bodyology. KILLED. IT.

I went for a run outside yesterday - it wasnt as humid as it has been and was a little cooler. When I got back home, I was frustrated. I felt like it sucked. I walked a little more than I would have liked, and I didn't conqure the hills like I wanted. My legs felt like lead. I pushed and pushed and ran most of it, and really, I guess I only walked part of one hill... anyway, in hindsite, I got out there and did it, so that just has to be a plus. I didn't let the toughness of it allow me to stop halfway, or just walk home. So, I guess there is still triumph there.

Eats for today:

B: Blueberry Pumpkin Spice oatmeal
S: 3 tbs hummus, 1 cup total baby carrots and red peppers (I LOVE red peppers)
L: 1 cup vegetarian chili (some yellow squash and spinach in this one. Came out great) 1/2 banana
S: 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup roasted edemame
D: It will be late (school after work), and I'm not sure what I will feel like... but I do have some awesome black bean quinoa burgers home in the fridge - perhaps over a salad. 1/2 sweet potato might seal the deal.
Tons of water, 1 cup of vanilla almond tea (black)

One thing I FINALLY realized yesterday is after about day 4 I started to feel more full on less food. My tummy just had to adjust. I'm averaging about 1300 cals per day. I'm at 704 right now without dinner.

Ok, peeps. That's all I've got - Monday is super busy here and I have been writing little snippets all morning. Time to get back to it!

Keep moving forward!


  1. 1/4 c. canned pumpkin is GREAT in oatmeal, too (and very nutritious). I'm working on a smoothie using canned pumpkin, almond milk and spices...will post it when I finish the experiment.

  2. Pumpkin and cranberry are two of my favorite flavors. I'm waiting for the new canned pumpkin to start arriving in stores as all I see now is pumpkin pie filling. You are doing great! I like the "just for today" idea. Keep on going. :)