Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday, No, Wednesday... dammit

I don't know why I keep thinking it's Thursday. *sigh*

Anyway, not a ton to report on weight wise. Life is in total upheaval, per usual.

I am very proud to say that even through a 15 hour day, I stayed the course. I packed all of my food. I didn't end up eating my little salad because it got all hot and wilted and gross. And I didn't have a fork.


But, I sat in my 4:00 meeting right in front of the cookies, AND in my 7:30 meeting right in front of the cookies. Didn't eat one. I thought about it, don't get me wrong. But I didn't. The stress of being super-ultra dumb in math class, the stress of having a negative balance in the bank, the stress of my poor Thing 2 getting bit at school repeatedly and having to meet with the daycare director yesterday - none of it would be cured with a cookie.

I don't know what will cure it. But a cookie? Or 2? Or 5? Most certainly not.

I just got in from kicking a whole bunch of ass at Bodyology - the Avenger is one of the toughest workouts, and I feel SO accomplished afterwards.

And wiped out. Whew!

Tonight - about 1.5 hours of math homework, meeting, kids, lunches... you know, the usual. Preparing for another 15 hour day tomorrow is tough. But, we all do what we have to do.

No, I guess that's not true. We don't ALL do what we HAVE to do. We do what we CHOOSE to do. I guess that's the difference. I am CHOOSING to do the right things for my body and that, my friends, requires a lot of planning and work.

Alright, that's all for now.... off to get Thing 2 to bed (No bites today, Thank God!) and start lunches for tomorrow, Thing 2 off to bed, homework part 1, meeting, homework part 2, shower, bed.

As Christa says: Sweat, Rinse, Repeat.

Keep moving forward!


  1. Keep going honey - you got this. I'm there with you...pre-packing lunches and everything. Again - why can't it be Thursday?

  2. Lol, I've had that daycare meeting. You can get through this babe, I have faith!