Monday, September 3, 2012

Super ultra clean challenge

Happy Labor Day!

Just a quick post to announce that I will be participating in what I call a "super ultra clean challenge". It was be a more strict version of te eating I do normally. The differences are as follows:

No sugar (which I'm already doing, but I'm going to be extremely careful that NOTHING I eat has any added sugar at all. Seasoning, any kind of bread product, nothing)

No artificial sweetener

No dairy, except 1 serving of plain greek yogurt a day. This means no cheese, and I WILL miss it!!

The focus will be on vegetables, lean proteins, beans and legumes, 3 servings of fruit (max) per day, healthy fats, nuts, and water, water, and water...

This will last for at least a week. Ater which I will reassess incorporating *some* cheese back in, but keep sugar and artificial sweetener out.

This begins tomorrow, since I have to grocery shop for it! Mini meatloaves and black bean burgers being prepped for tomorrow!

Keep moving forward!!

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