Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Biggest Loser

** Please note, because of the field I am going into, I will occasionally blog about obesity, weight loss, and other health related issues that may not be directly related to the career change, but are thoughts I feel are important to write about**

I have always been a fan of NBC's The Biggest Loser. Back in my extremely obese days, I even filmed a video to try and win myself a spot in a season, but chickened out, and never sent it.
I'm at odds with the show now. I'm actually watching it as we speak, and frankly, when I am done blogging, I plan on hitting the sack. Seasons prior to this, this would be unheard of. I think that, although the massive weight loss is inspiring, it is so completely unrealistic to the overweight and obese community. I think it's important for every body, young, old, obese or fit, to believe in themselves, and challenge themselves. But because BL is so intense, and of course, the intensity is for TV ratings, I think people feel that if that can't do THAT, then it's not enough.
I have really enjoyed challenging myself at the gym lately. Challenging myself involves a lot of self-talk. "Just run 30 more seconds, ok, now 30 more... it's just a minute, you can do it" So on and so forth. I have talked myself through 45-60 minute interval workouts that, even a few months ago, I don't think I would have thought I could do. The fact is, I could have. I could have done it at any time. My body is strong. It carries me around all day long - and I need to love it and thank it by sweating my ass off in that next Zumba class, interval workout, or strength training circuit.
It's amazing to me how my mindset has changed. How I am enjoying the feeling of becoming fit and strong. How I take the responsibility of logging my food seriously. 3 years ago, I was crying everyday, holding an infant that wouldn't sleep and hated being in the car for more than 5 minutes, and ordering cheese-y bread and cinna-sticks from Dominoes everyday. I love the person I am becoming every day, more and more. And loving myself, even though I am still considered "obese" is something I certainly never thought would happen. Hell, I never thought I would love myself even at a normal weight! Seeing what kind of REAL change can occur, over time, and with effort... this is the way I want to make other people feel. I want them to love themselves. At 400 lbs, or at 140 lbs. When you love and accept your body as it is, it makes it easier to treat it well, by eating the way that makes you feel healthy, and moving so your body feels energized and strong.
Just my thoughts for today. Goodnight Biggest Loser. I need some rest for MY workout tomorrow.

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