Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am so blessed to be getting so much wonderful support from my family and friends. I was over my moms today and a bunch of my family was there. We got on the subject of my big change and they were all so helpful and supportive. Their encouragement helps me be not quite so nervous to start things off.
So, it looks like, in order to get my AS - associates in science in dietetic technology, it will take me a little under 4 years. This seems like an ETERNITY. Maybe it won't take quite so long, but that's taking 2 classes a semester, plus 2 during the summer and 1 during winter interim. That's constant school in the evenings for 4 years. I am hoping I can do at least SOME of it online. *sigh*
A friend sent me a message today asking me some advise on protein powder. She told me the plan she was working on, and I gave her some advise. It felt SO good to help her. She messaged me back and told me she got more info in my e-mail than she had gotten in a lot of research online. This is what I want to DO! She was so happy and felt so good about her healthy plan.... I feel like I was meant for this. It's still a little scary - but it's super exciting too.

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