Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New class

I now belong to In Shape Fitness. I really enjoy this gym, and I was finally able to take one of the classes I have been DYING to do, called Group Groove. It's dance based, similar to Zumba, except they use an interval approach, which I like, and they talk you through steps, which I also like. I stood in the back (per usual) and I felt like a lumbering fool. I have a hard time "mirroring". I always want to do the move opposite of the instructor - therefor, the entire class is going right, I end up left. Ugh. However, despite my obvious directional difficulties, I kept moving, sweat-ed my butt off and ended up having fun. And frankly, if it was fun just trying desperately to keep up, it's going to be even more fun once I get the hang of things.

One thing I couldn't help thinking was: wow, I have a LONG way to go. Sure, I can feel like an eye-of-the-tiger champ on the treadmill, but damn, the instructors of this class were FIERCE. Energetic can't even begin to describe the level at which they need to work, not only doing the moves hardcore, but also calling out all the moves and cheering everyone on.... and I want to do THIS eventually? Yikes. It was the first time I felt like this goal was out of reach. I felt "big" in class, and I haven't been feeling that way in a while now. However, I am proud I stepped out of the comfort zone and went. I will certainly be back. Hopefully for every class.

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