Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nutrition talk

We live in a world of ignorance. Ok, this could have a lot of meanings, but I mean specifically about food and nutrition. Our society thrives on restaurants, fast food joints, and coffee shops. How many of us take the time to check out the nutritional information on the foods we are consuming at these places? Very few. I almost NEVER did. When I finally started checking it out, I was so amazed at the huge number of calories in these foods alone, that I would lose my craving for them almost instantly. And if I didn't? Well, I tried to figure out how to have some to make it work into my calories for the day, usually by splitting it up or substituting out some of the things that are adding to the calories.
I was so proud of my husband this morning. He loves this time of year and loves all things "pumpkin". This morning, he was really craving a pumpkin muffin - but instead of just running out to get it, he checked out the nutritional stats for one at Dunkin Donuts and was horrified to see this: 600 cals, 26 grms fat (6 saturated) 520 mg sodium, 83 grs carbs, 44 of which are sugar. The hubs states that once he saw this - he decided against it, and was really shocked at the values.
Another example was yesterday, after completing the Walk Out of The Darkness for Brian (a 3 mile jaunt), we were all emotionally and physically tired, and hungry! The family decided to stop for lunch at a burger place (Five Guys Burgers and Fries) As soon as we decided to go there, I looked up the stats on my phone. About 450 cals for a little cheeseburger, 300 for 1/2 a serving of their fries. Yes, on the high side, BUT, I made the decision to make it work for my day. The great thing about Five Guys is that everything is real - 100% real beef with no fillers or preservatives, the fries are real potatoes, sliced right there in the joint, and they are totally trans fat free. All of these things weighed out for me.
Living everyday in a nutritionally sound way is NOT easy. There are decisions to be made constantly, variables weighed and measured. Sometimes we make good decisions for our bodies, and sometimes we don't. The most important lesson I have learned in my journey so far is that every moment is a new moment to make a good decision. I could have let the rest of my eating day yesterday go to pot after a burger and fries - but instead I modified and still kept in my calories for the day.
EVERY moment in a NEW moment to make GREAT decision for your health.

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  1. Yep, our whole society revolves around food. You know that I understand those food decisions that we both must make everyday. I don't mind making them because the benefits far outweigh the instant gratification for one moment of sweetness or fatness. LOL But it is sad that our society is so focused on food, as a reward, as a way to socialize, etc...If we can turn it around and look at a walk (or some other form of exercise) as a reward, then we would be a much healthier society. Now, having said all that, I must go get ready to attend a breakfast buffet at Waters Edge because a friend of mine is moving to St Thomas.(Lucky her!) Once again, we use food as a way to say "good-bye" and celebrate. You just can't escape the mentality I guess. LOL Enjoy your day Kelli and kudos on the 3 miles!