Friday, October 8, 2010

Direction becoming clearer

I do believe that my direction and vision for my future is becoming clearer. I had an amazing conversation with Jenn Krebs, a natriopathic physician in New Haven and I really feel as though she helped me. She really engaged me in conversation, asking probing questions and giving me BOTH sides of the proverbial coin. Working with clients one-on-one is magical, it's amazing, it's phenomenal. It can also be frustrating, inconsistent and cause burn out. But, even with this non-sugar coated version of things (AKA: REALITY) I am still moving in this direction.
It would be amazing to work as a nutrition and weight loss counselor. Dealing with the mental, emotional and physical issues associated with obesity, excess weight, food and eating. I would also love to have a "safe" space for running some exercise classes for clients to partake in. Perhaps one for beginners, or, one for people with physical limitations, as well as something hardcore like step or Zumba.
My fear is running my own, legitimate business. How does one even begin? It certainly won't be easy, and it will probably take a long time to get a good following. I guess kinda like developing my voice studio.... the difference is my voice studio isn't "legit" (as far as the government is concerned. Shhh... don't judge me)
I am working with a woman now. Jessica F is a friend of a friend and she is trying to lose weight and get her borderline blood pressure down so she and her hubby can conceive a baby with her being the healthiest she can be. It's so exciting to work with someone on this. She knows where I am at - just starting school, only working with what I have experienced and researched, and she's cool with that. We are both getting what we need out of this. I will update her progress occasionally here as well.
*Sigh* Still lots to think about. Starting additional part time work in the next few weeks and full time in December. Classes in Dec... lots going on.

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