Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stressful, but enlightening

All the research involved with getting a brand-spanking-new career going can be stressful. I have made a few decisions though, after badgering my husband endlessly, and having a great talk with my brother this weekend. I really had to decide what it is I REALLY want to do. Ok, going into nutrition - I knew that. But what? It comes down to this. I want to help people lose weight, feel good, be happy. The way I want to do things will only really happen if I run the business myself. Which of course, I was shying away from. Mostly because of the fear of doing my own books, taxes, etc. But lets be honest. Fear is something that is prevalent in this whole situation. I mean, I'm completely changing my entire career life at age 32, needing to go back to school to do it, and moving away from the one area (music) I have concentrated on since I was around 10 years old. At this point, fear is old-hat.
So, back to the ultimate dream: (cue Dream-Sequence music) Run my own weight loss/nutrition/wellness counseling center, complete with a space to run exercise classes for everyone from the very obese to the very fit. Packages could include the use of the classes (and hopefully, some machinery?), access to me as often as needed via phone, e-mail etc. Maybe running specialized seminars on emotional eating, etc. Perhaps even expanding to include Reiki, massage therapy, or other holistic treatments. This set up, at it's most successful, will probably involve a small staff (maybe another 1-2 people) to do some classes and other treatments. But right now, I would want to do all the counselling for the clients. Developing meal plans using all real foods. No pills or promises of unrealistic weight loss and unrealistic timelines. Treat the person like a PERSON. And not just handing them a meal plan and sending them on their way, but dealing with the physical, mental and emotional issues of food, excess weight, and weight loss.
End Dream-Sequence music - Beautiful, isn't it?
Attainable? Damn, I hope so.
It's going to take quite a while to get here, if I ever get to the "dream" place at all. But, all I can do is get started. ASAP. I plotted out (loosely, of course) the amount of time it will take for me to get my AS at Gateway is Dietetic Technology and it looks like I would be done with that portion approx. Summer 2013. Seems like forever, but actually not bad. To add the AS in Exercise and Wellness would be an additional 9 classes. At that point, I might as well go for it, and that would take about another year. This is assuming I can handle 2 classes per semester, 1 class in the winter intersession, and doing classes during 2 Summer intersessions (Gateway offers 3). It's a lot of work. A LOT. At this point, all I can do it take the first step and get going. Biology, here I come.

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