Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bonkers... would you agree?

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my calorie intake. Currently I am supposed to hover around 1300 cals per day. I just logged all of my food for the whole day, NOT including dinner, and I have 23 calories left for my day.
I log all of my food on I have it set to "losing 1.5 lbs per week" and that I work a "sedentary" job... From that info, it gives me my caloric intake. And frankly, I just can't eat inside that goal. Not too long ago, I was having TROUBLE meeting my calories. It's amazing what loosing a little more weight and getting a desk job will do to you.
I feel like I am hungry every 2 hours. I eat things like: 1 Arnold whole wheat flat with 2 tbs natural PB. A snack might be 1 or 2 oz of 75% reduced fat chedder cheese and some steamed spinach and corn (that's what I have today) or hummus on carrots or naan bread. Lunch might be a soup of some kind, and sometimes a salad with it. Kashi cereal is another typical snack. So, I feel like I am eating the "right" things, I am eating when I am hungry, yet, I am still eating too many calories?? HELP! I feel like I am going bonkers!
Why am I putting this out there when I have 6 followers who probably can't help? I don't know. If you are reading this, and NOT following me - please consider adding yourself to my followers, and feel free to comment! I always welcome feedback!
I've still been a little down about not getting into the finals of a blogger contect... it was for moms who are living and struggling with a healthy lifestyle. I really thought I was interesting enough to at least make the finals, but I didn't. Maybe it's my lack of followers? How does one go about getting people to read about their everyday, sometimes mundane doings? I guess I am still new at this.

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  1. Cucumbers, steamed shrimp and fish, carrots, hummus, water and water....more of this, less of anything else, you will shrink...