Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 4? Who knows...

I've seen a lot of blogs lately about people struggling and needing change. You might think I'm nuts (I've been called worse) but I think it's the season change that does it - our bodies cry out for change, a revamp, something new an different. We are emerging from our wintry cocoons... What do we need? What will help us emerge strong and triumphant into Spring? I think it will be EXERCISE. Even if my eating has not been great, I am really feigning to get out and start back to the gym… classes, bootcamps, spinning…. I need it back!! I can’t WAIT till this semester is over, so I have MORE time to play with.

You know I have been trying desperately to get out of my sugar rush. I've had a back slide today, but feeling ok about just moving on. Every moment is a NEW moment to make a GOOD choice. I will stick with what I have packed for the rest of today.
Because we have tomorrow off, and it's a holiday weekend, there seems to be goodies all around. This is not an excuse, I am admitting I am weak and let go of my resolve. But I also can't blame the office, because I got a coffee on the way into work...
I had a nice walk with the hubs yesterday, and I have to update that... there will probably not be any working out today. It being Maundy Thursday, the choir is singing at service tonight and I will be there all evening. I am sure once I get home, exercise will be the last thing on my mind, and bed will be the first.
Will be updating again later...

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