Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Journal, Day 3, or, moving in the right direction...

Ok folks...
We are moving right along!
Food journal Day 3, even more improved from Day 2.
First, let me be upfront about last night.
I left work and had to go to the grocery store. By myself. I had my list and I was determined to stick to it. My only stray was to pick up some hummus and high fiber crackers. I call it a stray because I normally make my own hummus.
I DID NOT buy ANY junk. No chocolate, no ice cream, no chips, no diet soda.
I was/am SO proud.
My dinner was probably a little portion-large, but it was good. Chicken breast meatloaf (the one I forgot to bring for lunch yesterday) corn and a baked sweet potato. I threw some cheese (full fat) on the meatloaf and melted it up. Portion heavy, especially for me, and I certainly felt it.
Then 45 minutes of kickboxing mania. Hubs and I worked our butts off. My legs are reminding me of it today. It was great. I was/am SO proud we did it, even though the couch was calling!

After the workout, I had a protein shake. Delish, good for post workout. Drank some water and got my butt to bed (After the Biggest Loser.)
However, it was this MORNING that was MOST impressive, if I do say so myself.

..... what, no applause?? LOL. Ok, it may not sound like a big deal, but I have visited Satrbucks daily, especially in the mornings, for WEEKS. It's a big deal to me.
I made myself a Click shake, and have the following foods with me:
Arnold whole wheat flat bread, 2 tbs PB
Lg salad with lots of broccoli and red kidney beans
chicken breast meatloaf
Good Seasons salad dressing
Kashi go lean cereal

I really think this will be good for the day, while I am at work, and I will have a nice dinner when I get home.
Tonight is usually class, but I have church choir rehearsal for tomorrow nights service, so I am skipping out. It will also give me a little time to get a walk in when I get home.
Feeling good. On my second 23 oz bottle of water so far. I CAN do this. I can get back what I lost... and lose what I gained... lol. Give it a minute.

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