Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - here I come!

Here we are, the first post of the New Year. 2012 - what changes will you bring?

I have made a great transition back into low carbing it. Feels good. I don't feel hungry. As a matter of fact, I had to remind myself to eat a few times yesterday, and was able to totally avoid mall food yesterday, even as everyone else ate lunch. I munched a few almonds, drank some water, and simply waited till I got home to eat.

Yesterday, I went on a mini cooking spree. At least enough to get us into the week. I made Mexican turkey breast, with my own seasonings, salsa, sweet corn and black beans. Made so much it could last us the week!

I also made turkey cheese BITES. They are so fab. Click the link to go to see Shelly at "Eggface". She makes awesome WLS friendly recipes.

I also tried her protein donuts in my new little Donut maker.
It's super easy to use, and best of all - no frying!

I played with Shelly's donut recipe, and they really came out beautifully. Sugar free, filled with protein and fiber, very low in carbs (no flour!)
Even Thing 1 loves them! The donut King himself!

Went to a super hardcore workout last night at Bodyology last night. I lifted some really heavy weights. I did stiff legged dead-lifts with 60 lbs. I did goblet squats with 35lbs. I did Landmines with 75lbs. I threw 20 lbs medicine balls around, planked with the best of 'em, and jump roped, rowed and push-uped my way into a sweaty mess.

Then I did it all over again.

Needless to say, I felt pretty badass.

I also feel pretty sore today. lol

But that feeling of pushing through. The amazing connection I feel with the ladies there, who I watch in amazement as they all push as hard as they can - and then push harder... and even more amazing, just at the moment I feel like I need to stop, Christa is right there, pushing me through with words of power and encouragement.

I've missed going so much.

I am glad I decided to take the plunge and start going back. I am going to strive for 2 times a week, however, once school starts, I don't know. I may have to go down to one. But, I want it to go back to being consistent again. I can't let things get in my way on this one. This must remain a priority!!

Speaking of priorities - this is my only New Year's Resolution:

1. Establish my priorities and work accordingly.

My resolutions have always been weight loss in nature. That doesn't help me. Goals are good, but making a resolution means nothing to me. So, why should I bother making out a big list of things? My one goal right now encompasses my life. Priorities are tough for me to organize. So, it makes sense to work on that, thus, working on everything!

Well, THAT sounds too good to work! LOL We will see!

So, here I am, low-carbing, Metabolic Effect-learning, working-out queen.

Welcome to my Kingdom.


  1. Fantastic! Loved reading about your workout! Keep up the great work and the wonderful New Year attitude.

  2. Wow, lady!! That was an awesome workout!! I'm right here with you, pushing it and learning :) Where do you find your low carb recipes?

  3. I'm doing a combo of Low-Carb & WW because I need the accountability and portion control that WW provides. I feel so much better when I'm avoiding the "white stuff!"