Thursday, January 26, 2012

Need Help and HONEST Opinions, Please

Hello fellow bloggers -

I need some real advise here - especially from my hard working weight loss and fitness friends.

I have bitched about my schedule... I know, you know. Now, I'm really starting to wonder about it.

My only option for changing it is to cut my Bodyology workouts back to 1 per week until the semester is over, or time permits (like Spring Break week and other random days without class in the evening).

Let's go through the pros and cons, shall we?

Pros to cutting said workout:
-Seeing my kids
-not showing up for church choir a sweaty mess (I know this sounds silly, but it's stressing me out a little)
-Seeing my kids (oh yeah, hubby too!!)
-possible decrease weight loss
-I think hubby is starting to feel a little resentful of playing "Single Daddy"

Cons for cutting said workout:
-Wondering - is this an excuse, or valid?
-commited to 2 workouts per week to train for my mud run in September
-I can feel a difference when I have 2 workouts per week - stronger
-support from members and trainer
-possible increased weight loss

I wrote "Seeing my kids" twice because it counts for 2 of any other reason. It's the most important. I already miss them, and it's only the first week of class.

I can make up for the workout by going to the gym or working out at home, but it's never quite the same as going to a class.

I really don't know what to do. I am very torn. Please - what are your honest thoughts? I ask you guys because I have very few people I am friends with in the "real world" that understand what I am doing and why. I know you guys get it...

I'm all ears, uh, eyes. You know what I mean


  1. Family, above all else is what counts..

  2. Last year I really focused on weight loss, and honestly I spent less time with my kids because of it. That was ok, but not long term, at least for me. So this year I do not get to the gym as much. I work out in the basement to make up for it.

  3. Oh gosh - this is a tough one but I seriously think you need to cut back or you won't forgive yourself. You can't get your kid's time back and your hubby will be happier too. LOL

  4. That's a very personal decision, but in my opinion, kids always come first. Eventually they'll be teenagers and spending time with mom won't be first choice. Enjoy the time with your babies while they're still young :)

  5. You do have to make time for family, maybe if you do cut it go for a walk WITH your family, best of both worlds?

  6. I love your blog and admire your commitment and since you asked for perspective here is mine. You can always have some type of workout at home, which might not be the same as the gym but you will never replace lost time with those you love and who love you. Just my perspective. Good luck and I do think you are great and an inspiration.

  7. I tend to load up my schedule to frustration! Then one day it occurred to me...I asked myself..."What are you racing to?" I don't have to do it ALL now! I'm kind of an all or nothing gal, so it's hard for me to just do what is reasonable. I have to be reasonable!!! If I can't make all fit every day, I just do what I can. I have to be happy with that. Other wise...I'm a crazy woman!

    Keep focused!!

  8. They changed my schedule at work so I rarely see my kids. I get home and it's bedtime. It sucks. I see my kids maybe 1 hour a day. Hugs!

  9. I only work out at home, previously because of kids, now because I know if I am doing it here I have no valid excuse for NOT working out (except the excuse of the occasional flu or broken limb).