Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weigh in Day

I know, it's weird, right? Weighing in on a Wednesday?

Well, that was when I woke up last week and said "Enough of this shit!"
So, weighed in this morning at 222. I am down 3 lbs.

I'm happy enough with it. I was hoping for more, but I was not exactly on par all weekend, so I kinda expected it too.

So, on tap today - work, obviously. Packed all my food. This morning is the last morning I will start off my morning with a Starbucks Skinny Mocha. I am officially out of gift cards, so that will be that.

Besides, I have my Click to keep me

Tonight - workout... hmmmm... I am still really sore from my workout on Monday. Actually, even more so today (2 days after is always the worst for me) but the soreness is mostly upper body, so I need to do some strong lower body cardio tonight. Maybe I'll pop in the TurboFire - that is crazy cardio and not too much upper body. Some burpees, but I should be ok.

Last night I attempted an elevated leg plank:

I was up on my hands, and I held it for about 30 seconds. My arms were just too sore to do more. But I was pretty impressed that I did it. It didn't suck as bad as I thought it would. :-)

I was thinking this morning: I spent a lot of time thinking that other peoples ways of eating should be MY way of eating, and not getting anywhere. Regardless of what works for others, I have to stick with what works for ME - or, what is the point???

It's especially important to remember that when I am in school learning about nutrition, and researching all different eating theories.

Those other theories are NOT wrong, they are just different from what I feel I need to do, and they work for other people!

I wish I could spend all day just cooking and planning and working out. Doesn't everyone? But, work beckons.

Work your plans, everyone!! Whatever works for you - WORK IT!


  1. Yes work beckons dang it! Nice loss.

  2. Congratulations on that loss!! Whoo-hoo! You are already rockin' 2012!

    BTW, love the pic of you in wench attire..I have a similar one. :)