Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weee are the Champions!!!

Thursday. Really? I feel like it should be Friday. No? Just me? Ok, never mind...

Rocked out my Tuff Girl workout last night. 2 weight rounds and 2 tabata rounds.

I discovered I can goblet squat with 40 pounds, and I can now do plank jacks. This is awesome for me. I also noticed while doing surrenders (which I still do without weights) it is getting easier to do. My left side is MUCH weaker than my right, and that's frustrating. I could use a weight with the strength of my right side, but I can't stand at all if I add a weight for my left side. I guess I just have to wait for that side to catch up? I dunno?

The Tabata rounds were killer. Burpees, kick-ups, high knees, plank jacks.

Repeat. That was just one round. Then we did it again. I fought through, finished strong and always finished a move, even if the buzzer signaled we were done. Some just drop whatever they are doing when that buzzer sounds, but if I am in mid-burpee, I might as well finish that damn thing. We ended those rounds with 1 minute intervals of turkish getups, pushups...

ummm.... something else, and then finished with Super Woman.

If you don't know what these things are and you are interested, feel free to ask! Or, I am sure you could google it and get a good idea.
Anyway, I left feeling GOOD. That slow muscle relaxation felt great and I was mentally empowered having conquered that workout.

Food is going well... lots of temptation around here today. Cake pops - in case any of you have been living under a rock, are little lollipops made out of cake and frosting and covered in chocolate.

Yes. They are here. They are directly across from my desk. No, I will NOT be having one.

I get questioned a lot. "Why can't you just have one?" I try to explain, but people who have never had a problem with food just don't get it. Then I hear the inevitable "You really shouldn't deprive yourself, you know" Yes, yes, well, I brought some reinforcements. I have 2 chocolate protein donuts with peanut butter for the top to have in case I feel like I want to partake in the snacking.

I found myself TOTALLY rationalizing having one this morning - before they were even OUT I was thinking about them - telling myself it would be totally fine to have "just one". Hmmm, obsessive much? I just keep reminding myself - One is too many, a thousand is never enough. I cannot put myself on the slope I will inevitably slip down.

Today is also my "snacky" meeting. The weekly meeting where one of the doctors I work for brings in all kinds of treats for everyone to snack on during the meeting. The meeting is at the end of the day, when snacky cravings can potentially be at an all time high. I WILL resist. I'm doing so well. I am committed to making the right choices for myself.

So, I've got my Click. My donuts are at the ready. I'm ready for a fight if needed (internally, of

Running today. Gonna get out the door as soon as I can when I get home so I'm not running in the dark. Day 3 of C25K. Looking forward to it.

Tell next time, stay strong. Stay focused.

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