Monday, March 5, 2012

5K recap

Lots to update on. It's really hard for me to post on the weekends - time is simply not on my side.
let's start with my 5K recap!

So, hubby and I both did the ShamRock N Roll 5K in New Haven. It's a fun event, good cause, overall good time. LOTS of people signed up - over 2200 people ran. And it FELT like it, especially at the very start. Wow.

It was FREEZING out. I was decked out in my gloves, layered running top, pants, fleece vest and face cover/hood. At the last minute, I decided to leave the hood in the car. I'm glad I did - it was cold while we waited, but it would have been a hindrance once we started.

Hubby was especially nervous, as he didn't train as much for this as he wanted to, on top of which, it was his first one ever. We discussed our strategy: He runs faster than I do, but he would need more walk breaks, so, we figured we wouldn't get too far from each other, even in running our "own" race. We made a pact that we would start running, and cover as much ground as possible in our first running stint. Just keep going. Wait till the last possible second to walk.

We were off and the hubs was immediately ahead of me. People swarmed in around me and I lost sight of him right away. No biggie, just surprising at how fast he took off!! I was very proud! I maintained my pace and just kept moving along. Training on the hills surely helped, because I felt good for a while. The course opened up a little and I just tuned into my music. I went by song. "I will run through this song and the next, and then see how I feel"... those songs would go by and I would again tell myself "one more song, I feel good"...At one point I caught up to the hubs and jogged by with a wave. He was doing great. Because the course was a loop, I very quickly began to see the very fastest runners returning... wow, I couldn't believe how quickly! I later found out that that winner did the 3.2 miles in just over 15 minutes. Woh.

I came upon the loop around, and I knew I was over half way done. I was very proud - had not walked at all! Once I was around the loop and starting back I took a walk break. About 45 seconds or so, just to catch my breath, slow my heart-rate a little, and I ran again. I ended up taking 2 more walk breaks - one was up the last HILL (Yes, it was lovely on the way DOWN it, the way up - near the end of the race? Not so fun). I new I was very close to the finish line, so I put on the most awesome running song ever (Pump It, Black Eyed Peas) and I sprang forward and finish strong. I rounded the corner to the finish and I have never had to push myself so much mentally. I kept up the slightly faster pace to finish. Once I was across the finish line, I almost fell over, my legs were so wobbly... but I made it. 39:16.

I walked back around to the course to cheer the hubs on. He came in strong, at 42:26.

These times may seem ridiculous to some runners, but I am personally very, very happy with mine. When I started "running" 5K (this is only my 3rd) I walked most of my first and made it in 45:08... so, in my limited training, I have shaved 6 minutes off my time. My goal is to A. finish without any walk breaks, and B. to finish in 35 minutes. I have some work to do, but I feel good.

I'm looking forward to my next, which probably won't be till April.

I'll be back later to update on other stuff!


  1. Reading about others doing 5Ks makes me super proud of 'em.


  2. So very very proud of you!!! Great job!!!

    I'm still learning to run a 5K and am so very inspired by this. Thanks for sharing your victory with us and as far as your times...BLAH! Who cares what others think, you ran half the course without running and sprinted to the finish. I know there are many people (me included who has never run for more than 5 mins outside at one time) who couldn't have done so well. Great job!!!

  3. Way to go, Kelli! Kudos to you both!

  4. Great job Kelliann!!! You are awesome! I need to work up the guts to sign up for a race. I think I've talked my hubs into doing the Dirty Dash with me, now I just need to bit the bullet and register. You've inspired me :)