Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm plugging along.

Food is going really well. I have had my temptation moments, but I am able to surpase them.

I was in awe at how much I wanted to reward myself with food after my race! As my sponsor pointed out - the RACE ITSELF is the reward! So true! But my addiction is fierce and tried to talk me into lots and lots of food to "compensate" for all thoese burned calories! Wha?? LOL... silly, silly addict!

I ate very well all day... just a little off my "schedule" (meals were a little later than normal) but I ate all my typical, standard food that I enjoy, I don't obsess over, and is healthy, balanced and nutrient rich.

The hubs and I went out to a nice dinner with some friends on Saturday night. We went to a vegan restaurant for the first time. I checked out the menu online and decided what I was going to have before we got there, so I could account for it properly. I glanced at the menu again when we got there, but was happy with my choice, so I stuck with it. It was AWSOME. Almost all veggies, so it wasn't heavy. Really good experience. I didn't feel obsessive about it at all. No worries, just enjoyed my time out. As a parent of 2 young ones, it's hard to come by.

I am ITCHING to weigh myself. I have an expectation about what I want to see on the scale when I weigh in on 3/16. But, I want prepare myself for how I will feel if I don't see what I want to see.

Not weighing has been VERY freeing, however... I don't see and obsess about the normal fluctuations. And, because I am eating well and moving my body, I don't need to obsess that my weight might be going up!

Wow, I do a lot of obsessing... lol. Maybe I didn't notice just HOW much until I stopped!

The weather around here has been FRIGID. I have said before, I live in New England, so it seems to come with the territory. However, we have been very blessed with a mild winter... and only now does it seem to want to make up for lost time! in the 20's this morning. I was hoping for a run tonight, but I will have to see about the temps... maybe an awesome, fat toarching TUFF GIRL workout instead!

One of the things that is SO amazing about Christa at Tuff Girl is that she not only runs these classes, but EVERY WEEK send out a news letter that always includes a number of workouts to do at home. Amazing.

If anyone is interested on getting a sneak peak of Christa and what we do at Bodyology, check out THIS article!!

I've been keeping up with ALLAN and his peeps doing a great challenge! Get it, guys!! Keep it up!!

Ok, I'm off for now... keep strong and soldier on!


  1. hey..keep up the good work! i hardly ever weigh myself...i use the way my clothes fit as a gauge, and i try to always strive to eat well and be active. :)

  2. Hope your stress levels go down!