Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Feeling a bit overwhelmed today. Lots of work to do, and I'm having a hard time prioritizing it all.

But, it's Wednesday and it's my last day of class before Spring Break!


Remember when Spring Break meant partying on some kind of beach?

Yea, neither do I.

Hey, I went to music school! We spent our spring break touring various parts of the country with our choirs!

This spring break is very, very needed, however. These 2 classes combined with the jobs and family and theater and exercise... well, it's A LOT. I am going to be seriously happy when the semester is over and I am taking the summer OFF of classes (I think)

I got home from class last night, ate my salad for dinner and sat down.
The conversation with my hubby went like this:

ME: "I really should work out"
HIM: "Hmmm"
ME: "Should I work out?"
HIM: "Don't ask me, because I'll tell you NO"
ME: "I really should work out"

Can you tell where this was going?? I could see it already. Finally I said "Well, if I have enough time to sit here and question if I "should", I should just be doing it"

So, I got off my ass and did a 30 minute kickboxing workout. It was pretty good. Got my sweat on, and then watched "My Fair Wedding" on demand (Don't judge me!) After a very hot shower, I was done. Collapsed in bed. Morning came WAAAYYYY too soon.

I posted on Facebook about working out, and my mom commented "Where do you get the energy?"

The thing is, most of the time, I don't have the energy, but regardless of that, it has to be done. I don't want to do dishes, or laundry, I don't really want to work - but these things simply have to be done in order to live a sane, orderly life. It's the same with moving my body and eating abstinently.

On a slightly off topic, I need to go out and buy a Spring jacket this weekend. Something appropriate for work. Everything I own is either way too big, or is a sweat jacket!

Ok, people - soldier on! What are you going to do today to move your body? Is whatever you are putting in your mouth reflective of taking care of yourself? Think about it!!
So, what can you do today to get some movement in today? There really is NO excuse!

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  1. I met a personal trainer today who has trained Biggest Loser contestants when they are sent home. He and I are going to talk. I am afraid already. Ouch.