Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I eat, and discoveries

Well, I am happy to report that although there were burpees, and there were jumping jacks, there were no toots, and no incontinent issues last night.

I know you were just DYING to know this.

Food is great. I noticed something super interesting in the past month or so. The amount of food I am eating has really decreased. I am not eating snacks in the middle of meals almost at all anymore. Only eating when hungry (actually, physically hungry) has promoted me to eat only around meal times, with an occasional snack.

For anyone interested (I get this question a lot) here is what I am eating today:

Grande Skinny Mocha (starbucks, on the way to work)
B: 2 morningstar sausage patties, 2 tbs natural peanut butter
L: 1 cup homemade chicken and bean chili (it ended up a little more like soup) 2 oz 75% reduced fat cheese (Cabot brand - really good!) and 1 multigrain tortilla
D: 2 cups salad greens and chopped veggies, 1 oz almonds, 1 oz red. fat cheese, 2 tbs craisins, 10 green olives, banana peppers, 2 tbs Good Seasons salad dressing made with less oil.
S: medium Apple, chopped and nuked with cinnamon and allspice

A little low on the fruit front - I strive for 2-3 servings a day, and maybe a little shy on veggies, although I can easily up the amount of veggies in my salad tonight to give me 3 servings with very little calorie increase.

This salad is amazing. Calorie wise it's about 350 - a great size for a meal. Loaded with good fats, very little saturated, and protein.

Everything loaded into, and I will be at 1424 at the end of the day.

If I add a snack, it's usually that additional fruit I spoke about, and a serving of a protein with it. That could easily add 200 cals to the total. BUT, if I'm hungry (actually, physically hungry) then I eat it.

Totally TMI, I know, but I am considering trying to go gluten free.
No, not so I can go hog-wild on all of the gluten free treats out there, but because I am seriously bloated and gassy during the day.
I think it could be either gluten or dairy,
which are normal culprits of such issues. I would really miss my cheese, dammit! I'm not sure which, so I am going to try both, one at a time, until I figure it out. I'm unsure if I will start with cutting dairy, or cutting gluten, but I'm gonna picks soon and get a move on. This kinda sucks.

My workout last night went great. I was SUPER close to bailing at the last second... lots of excuses. Then I remembered what Christa says - the only workout you regret is the one you don't do. So, I went. I got to class early, as the 5PM was wrapping up with killer abs... one girl, shaking, sweating, turned to me and said "run away now"...


It was a Tabata workout, with all different feats of endurance to tackle. The cool thing about tabata is, you can convince yourself that you can do it, because you can "do anything for 20 second". I mean, you can, right? Sometimes it SEEMS like you can't, but you ALWAYS can. Even at the bitter end, when all you want to do is lay down, you can do that last 20 seconds of mountain climbers, jump rope, or half burpees (starting to really like these!), and finish off with killer abs.

Because YOU CAN. YOU are stronger that mountain climbers, jump rope, or half burpees. Your body is capable of far more than your mind wants you to think you are.

This is true across the board. It's true with eating, exercise, work, family, everything. YOU WILL SURVIVE. Not just survive, but PREVAIL.

Prevail on, my friends!


  1. Hubby was always having bathroom issues, up various times in the night even. Had colonoscopy a few years ago to see if there was some overt issue. We thought it waas the dairy (as he loves ice cream and likes cheese). I gave him Lactaid to see if it would help.

    We gave up the gluten last summer. He has no bathroom issues now. Sleeps fine. Eats cheese and ice cream with no problems. Huh. Guess it wasn't the dairy. ; )

    I found no difference in my bathroom habits (I was always good there), but noticed a difference in my allergies and asthma. Improvements, even when things I hate bloom. Not cure, just real noticeable improvements. Less eczema. Red stuff on my face cleared up.

    So, give it a shot. Might be a mild thing, but might be a HUGE difference. And you'll gauge if it's the dairy or gluten or something else.


  2. I love Tabata - way to go. And when I gave up gluten my bloating went was pretty cool.