Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clever, clever title... la, la, la...

Just a short post right now, as I am almost outta work...

No Thursday "munchy" meeting - hooray! One less hurdle to hurdle.

Feeling a *little* better today than yesterday. My classes and tests are done for this week, and I can relax a little. I still have some homework to catch up on, but it will be fine.

Tomorrow is Friday. W00T! I don't know why I get so excited for weekends - I am working! Well, there will be a little free time. I will savor it...

I just want to go there and say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sponsor in OA. I tell her everything (even the crazy stuff) I think and feel about compulsive eating, sugar, recovery... everything. She is always thought provoking and always has a way of turning something I am not happy with (Like having 2 sugar free mochas yesterday - the second being used as a comfort measure) into a positive (It did NOT provoke a binge, and I can see that I "used" it, and I can trouble-shoot that next time). She has a beautiful way of speaking to me that just makes me feel calm and good.

It's that FABULOUS time of month (catch the sarcasm?) I never, ever want to use TOM as any kind of excuse. I think it's done WAY too much. Hell, I have done it way too much... it's a really easy way into eating shit and starting a binge cycle. That being said, (the guys just can't understand this) there are physical issues that go along with this. Our bodies behave differently. I am much more tired (compounded by a terrible night’s sleep - more on that in a minute) and the heaviness I feel in my belly just weighs me down. I physically am hungrier. I know this is truth and not excuse, because I have been taking so much time the past weeks tuning into my body and listening to it. I've gotten into a groove that this time of the month is bumping me out of. Not in a bad way, just... different. I refuse to let it provoke me into consuming anything that I know makes me a raving lunatic behave erratically.

Keeping my sanity, sometimes one moment at a time.

My sleep last night was terrible... come to find out it was a full moon. I kept dreaming that Thing 2 was in our room. I would jump out of bed, because I was afraid he was going to go out into the hallway and fall down the stairs (we are still working on him going down on his own). This happened a few times. Then, I would wake up and just sit up, not knowing where I was or what was going on for a moment... suddenly it was 5:45.

Ugh. Rough.

This will be week 2 without my in studio Tuff Girl workout. Last week I went for a run instead - I didn't want super sore muscles going into my race the next day. This week, well, Tuff Girl is closed so that Christa and Mike and their two girls could go have a much deserved vacation. Even while on vaca, Christa posted a pic on facebook of her working out in the hotel gym. She is amazing!

Speaking of races - I have one in the works for April, and then one where I will be fundraising for MS in May. Thing 2 and I are also going to do the Family Fun Run - he is SUPER excited!

Ok, well, not quite short, but I have to run - cause I get to leave soon! It's a gorgeous day (from what I am told - I'm not sure, I work in a basement) and I am going to go home and get my little ones out to play for a bit. Awesome end to a day!

Peace everyone!


  1. Having someone who can support you, during this weight loss and fitness journey is awesome. I really could not do it without my support system. I look at all of them as my team and we are working together to get this done!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Stay focused!