Thursday, August 30, 2012

The melt-down

Not mine, but Thing 1's!

Yesterday, after school I was DYING to talk to him and see how his first day was. He wasn't very forthcoming on the phone as I made my way to my workout. So, I planned on sitting down with him as soon as I got home to hear all about it.

I walked into the house to a screaming, crying 5 year old rolling around on the floor.

Epic. Melt-down.

Thank goodness it looks as though it was just exhaustion and stress he was releasing, and not that he was actually ill. Poor thing. It was a very long day for him of constant learning and go-go-going. No rest time, except a small 20 minute head-down-on-your-desk moment. He's used to a good rest in the middle of the day. It's going to take some getting used to for him.

After meltdown and subsequent nap, he felt better and told me he "LOVES SCHOOL"

Thank you, God.

This mornings drop-off was uneventful. So awesome.

So, back to yesterday. I went to my Bodyology workout and it was tear-inducing. I find that, because I still have extra fat hanging out, that cardio is tougher for me than strength work. It was a new 5 round tabata. KILLER. After round 1, I felt *ok*... I thought, I can totally handle this one, no problem... After round 2, I actually almost cried trying to force air into my lungs. Holy Shit. It was AWESOME. Well, I thought it was awesome AFTER I KILLED IT.

Food - great. I have made a deal with myself that I am going to eat all of my calories (not my workout calories, my normal allotted calories). I have been finding myself trying to cut them down daily "Can I end the day 200 under goal?" etc... but it's driving me bonkers and leaves me very hungry. Um, duh, freaking eat! So, I am, dammit. I planned my day and I will be about 30 calories under, with all my macros in a good place. I think I'll just leave that one alone. :-)

So, a normal Thursday up in here. Looking forward to a long weekend, even though I just had one. Trying to plan my paid-time-off so I have enough for my skin removal surgery in Dec/Jan... I'll be right on the edge, but I know we will have kid-sick-days-off... not sure how to work with it all. If I can't schedule it for Dec, it will have to be next summer... really not digging the idea of waiting another year.

Keep moving forward!


  1. Glad to see day #2 went well ;)

  2. LOL @ the epic meltdown followed by the "I love school" sentiment.

    Awesome work with the food & exercise. Keep it going, girl!!