Thursday, February 21, 2013

15 Inspirations and 12 days to go!

I don’t have a ton to write about today, but wanted to check in. I promised a list of 15 bloggers that I would nominate for the “Most Inspiring Blogger” award. I read a lot of blogs, for sure, but these blogs are ones I read all of the time, and they inspire me in different ways. When I need some inspiration or a good kick in the ass, I often turn to these folks and their writing. See the bottom of the post for the list. AS soon as I can figure out how to get it on my side bar, I will add it! J
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
No exercise for me today. I was close to going in for spin class before church choir again, but my body is really, really tired. I mean, really tired. So, I am listening to it, and I am trying to trust myself, which is a challenge for me.
Eats for today:
Ezekiel and PB
Banana and almonds
Salad with lots of veggies, a tbs sunflower seeds, olive oil and vinegar for dressing, tuna fish on top
2 oz cabot 50% red cheese, dry roasted edamame
Turkey breast, sweet potato, broccoli
Lots of water
 All of this is measured and such – so no worries. I just don’t feel like writing that all out here! LOL
The stats are very good, right where I like to see them. I like to be especially careful on days I’m not exercising fully.
I have decided NOT to weigh myself until the morning of surgery. I have no idea what the scale will say. I know that I feel GREAT. I feel healthy. I feel strong and “light”. I recognize my feeling of hunger and I eat what I have planned. I exercise my butt off and I do NOT wear any kind of body monitor. I’m DONE with the obsessing.
Surgery is in 12 days. 12 freakin’ days!!! BAHHH!!! I can’t believe this! I have such butterflies. I am worried, but excited. I am starting to wonder how the sudden removal of this excess weight will affect my back and heal, which still hurt often.  I suppose that can’t get worse, it can only get better!
Hubby and I were mapping out the financial plan for the next month. The priorities of the items I normally cover: Daycare for Thing 2, before-care at school for Thing 1, needed supplies for the kids (e.g.: diapers, wipes, school supplies), clean food for the family, hospital co-pay and surgical items needed. If we can cover those, everything else can wait. Even credit cards and other bills- If we get into trouble, we will talk to them and work it out.
Speaking of financials – CHECK OUT MY SIDE BAR!!! I have made it to my GOAL of $1500! You remember this goal was lowered from the $2500 because a donor came forward and offered to match my donations up to $1000. Honestly, I’m unsure if that is happening now, BUT if not, we will be able to push through and make it work. And it’s all thanks to my friends and family support, both in my “real” life and here in bloggy-land. THANK YOU.
All I can ask for now is your prayers/good vibes/good thoughts. Thank you in advance for that, for sure!
So, here we are: 15 blogs I read and am inspired by most. Thank each and every one of you for giving me so much in the road I am on (See, Norma, I refrained from using the word JOURNEY! LOL)


  1. Thanks for the shout out :) I am so excited for your surgery date, I hope everything goes more than well for you!!!

  2. Holy crap, girl! Thank you for mentioning me! It's funny that I inspire YOU, because YOU inspire ME! :) Hugs & wishing you the best as you prepare for this next step!


  3. Aw, I'm honored to be in such amazing company! Thank you! There are some blogs on your list that I haven't read that I will have to check out.

    Cheering you on as you continue your journey (haha) to health & fitness!! :D

  4. :-) You are a sweetheart, thank you!!

  5. Awww- thank you! I cannot believe it's only 12 days away!!!