Monday, February 18, 2013

Incredible Triumph

Good Monday, fellow bloggers!
I hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was good, but once again, too short. Eh, what else is new, right? What was REALLY nice is getting some alone time with my hubby last night. My mom had the boys overnight and for today, as they are off of school, and we are working. It was a nice, relaxed time. You know I love, Love, LOVE my boys, but a little quiet time is needed sometimes.
I was very happy with my eating and exercise this weekend. I won’t go through the boring details, but it was totally clean and I only had the urge to consume crap when we went to Walmart yesterday to pick up diapers and baby wipes and we were faced with a WALL OF EASTER CANDY. W. T. F. I was excessively proud of hubby and me that we successfully avoided it, got what we needed and got out.
In my past life, I would have snatched up TONS of junk to eat while the kids were out of the house.  BUT, this is NOW. This is how my life has totally changed. I didn’t even actually think about buying it. I thought about how my past self would have done it would even thinking about it. JOY!
Saturday’s workout was called The Hulk at Bodyology. It’s a strength workout, with some metabolic thrown it, and it’s one of my favorites. I made my way through the circuits and tried heavier weights than I thought I could (135 lb bridge lifts, baby!) and challenging myself as much as possible (5 toe pushups with resistance band, then 7 without band). The last round was box jumps. You know I’ve been working on them. So I kept telling myself it was going to go smoothly – I could totally handle the 20” rouge box.
Rogue Foam Plyoboxes
source - not me. I'm not that hairy.
We finally got to it. I stood in front of that rouge box for 1:15 never actually making a jump.
Not. One. F*cking. Jump.
I was PISSED at myself. At this point, the workout is over, and all the tuff ladies are milling around, getting their water and towels. Christa noticed I was upset and came over to ask if I had jumped. I told her no. She told me to go do 10 jumps on the lower step, which I did. Then, she instructed me not to think, and just jump the 20”.
I readied myself, and then stopped. Readied, and then stopped.  
FEAR, people.
At this point, the rest of the class was noticing. Within seconds, they were all around me, clapping and cheering for me. I was mortified and exhilarated all at once. I tried – hit my knees. Tried again – hit my knees.
Finally – one last time – feet planting firmly on top of the box.
I had done it.
The room exploded with cheering. All I could do was cry. Christa cried too!
THIS is what I am looking for!!!  Goals achieved through hard work and determination that have NOTHING to do with the number on the scale.
The support I got on Saturday morning was like nothing I have ever experienced. I am SO BLESSED to have a fitness family like this.
Sunday’s workout was a quick and beastly body-weight-only exercise circuit right in my own living room. 25 minutes huffing, puffing, and sweating. It was great!
Today, my friends, I get to go back to Bodyology because I have no school tonight. This workout is called “The Hero”. I have done this workout only once before, and I distinctly remember telling myself to AVOID IT in the future because it was SO tough. Well, it is what it is, my friends, and I am headed into it with vengeance.
Eats for today:
Ezekiel bread with PB
6 oz plain Greek yogurt, 3 oz blueberries
Spaghetti squash bake with, kale, peppers homemade tomato sauce and parmesan
Banana, roasted edamame
Not sure about dinner yet. It will include turkey cutlets. I think I might make almond crusted turkey cutlets, and maybe concoct a buffalo sauce for the top (sans butter. I actually make it with Greek yogurt and hot sauce. YUM!) and probably a salad and ½ sweet potato.

Oh – a little side note. I have my pre-op appointment this morning, and as smartly suggested by you guys, I told the doc about my dizziness. They checked everything out and said it all looked good. They were not concerned! And I am VERY glad! They did blood work as well, so if anything comes up there, we will know soon.
15 Days till surgery… getting more nervous. Hubby is SUPER nervous. We had a long talk about it this weekend. I think it’s better for both of us to verbalize our anxiety. That, and do a lot of cleaning – which apparently makes him feel better, and I’m not going to argue! J
Alright peeps, this is long enough. Be healthy today! Keep moving forward!


  1. Great job on that box jump! And that is cool that you have a good group of folks there supporting you :) Proud of you!

    Can't wait to hear how surgery goes. You've earned this!

  2. great job on the box jump :) I love working out in fitness groups they support you and push you to give your best.. :)
    I have nominated you for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' you can find more details on my blog

  3. Box Jumps are no joke, baby! Good for you!