Wednesday, February 27, 2013

6 days, and injury

I’m going to make this quick.
You know I’m busy. Blah blah blah
I had an exam yesterday, and I’m SO happy it’s over. I think I did well.
Last night, I started noticing a “twinge” in my right leg. It would “twinge” in my hip/butt area, and radiate slightly down my leg.
I noticed it a little more trying to fall asleep.
Today, I’m noticing it a LOT and it’s quite a bit of pain now. Not just a “twinge”
My right foot gets tingly, like it’s falling asleep. Which is a switch from the normal heel pain I have in that leg. Score. Not that that pain is gone – no, no – we’ve just added to the pile.
I spoke to one of the nurses I work with and she said she bets anything I’ve aggravated my sciatica. It feels very similar to when I had that issue while preggers with Thing 2, so her “diagnosis” rang true for me.
This means no Group Power tonight. I’m going to do some upper body at home.
As I sit, my whole leg, from hip to foot, is freaking throbbing.
Tylenol is not doing jack shit for it.
So, needless to say, I’m unhappy. Also needless to say, it could be a lot worse. So, I’m going to suck it up, ice and heat at home and do some stretches that should be helpful.
6 Days till surgery. 6. Freakin’. Days.
I’m very nervous, of course. But I am very excited. This is a whole new beginning for me.
I hope everyone is well, out there. Peace to all of you.

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