Monday, February 4, 2013


Monday, how I loathe you.
My kids are always beastly on Monday, and that just makes me beastly too. They were especially grumpy this morning.
I rocked the weekend. I don’t give two shits about the super bowl, so it was a total non-issue.
I busted my ass at Bodyology on Saturday with a new workout format. It was excellent. My only issue is that my plantar fasciitis is coming at me full force again. It was totally fine for a long time, and now suddenly, it’s back to being really painful. I stretch it, I roll it, and I move on. Sunday at the gym I did a TRX workout of core and upper body with some lower body thrown in. I also put in some burpees (which hurt the heel, but what can you do?), battle ropes and Russian twists with a 15 lb medicine ball. I wanted to do more (wanted to try and PR on my hex-bar dead lift), but I pushed hubby so hard he thought he was going to hurl, so I conceded. Not bad for 45 minutes. But, my heel was in pain last night and today. WTF. It is what it is. Take some Tylenol and move on. Stretch, roll, repeat.
My eating was on par this weekend, and my plan was to weigh in this morning, but with my beastly children roaring, I completely forgot. I also have my period and I would hate to see some stupid womanly bloat on the scale.
Schedule for today: work, class, meeting. Home after 9:30. Hopefully I packed enough food for the whole day. I’ve already downed 3 cups of coffee. Ugh.
Eats for today:
Coffee, coffee, coffee
B: Ezekiel with PB
S: 1 whole red pepper, 1.5 tbs hummus
L: 1 cup slow cooker chicken chili
S: 1 oz almonds, banana
D: ½ sweet potato (84 grams) ½ cup of slow cooker “re-fried” beans with salsa
S: 3 oz non fat plain Greek yogurt, ½ cup blueberries (when I get home)

I haven’t logged it all yet – I’m anticipating it to be about 1300 calories with good fiber and pretty good protein.
While waiting for my Ezekiel to toast, I did 20 pushups, 20 squats and 7 burpees – only 7 because I was almost caught! Ooops – is it inappropriate to do burpees at work? I am taking part in a February burpee challenge, and I have to do 25 today total. It will be a few at a time, due to my schedule.
This new work system is freakin’ brutal. Nothing is working correctly and it means nothing is getting done. Not getting anything done makes me even more cranky, dammit.
Happy Monday.


  1. I sneak off to do crunches at work also. Was doing full body crunches while I was waiting for my Ezekiel bread to toast this morning too! Great minds....

  2. I do stretches all the time at work, lol. I figure if they question me, it's part of my work environment to make me happy, and they are all about that. Haha.

  3. Ah a burpee challenge....I don't think I could do it. You rock.

  4. Your workout sounds incredible. I do hope your plantar fasciaiaiaiaiatis gets better soon. Nothing worse than feeling like one part of your body isn't in line with all the other working bits. Ugh.

    Great eats. Gotta love the coffee, too. I'm admitting it here...I'm an addict for coffee now. Haha!

  5. I love that you do a workout waiting for your toast. My trainer would love you! :) Who cares if people see you? I'd say you're setting an example! Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to doing more as I recover!

  6. You are a workout machine!! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!


  7. I hope work gets better for ya!