Friday, February 22, 2013

Fried - brains, that is...

Confession: I did NOT eat turkey and sweet potato for dinner.
When I got home, hubby had surprised me with food from an awesome vegan restaurant near us. Instead of full (large) meals, he got a few sides of the stuff we really like. So, dinner last night was grilled tempeh with Creole spices, 1 bite of vegan “spanikopita” and some sweet potato fries. It was very, very good. Hard to determine calories, but I am assuming I went over for my daily allotment. But, it’s ok. I did NOT allow it to send me to “that” place. The place I feel as though I have “already screwed up” so I “might as well…” Nope. I moved on, skipped the evening snack, and on plan as usual today.
Speaking of plan, DAMN I need to go to the grocery store!
A committee meeting has popped up for this evening (BOO – I LOVE my Friday nights at home! Grr!) So I am going to get in a quick HIIT at home before hand. Tomorrow morning is Bodyology… I can’t believe I only have a few more workouts there until I am recovered. To return to that kind of intensity, it will probably be 6-8 weeks. *sniff*
Eats for today
Ezekiel and pb
Hummus, naan bread, 2 oz cabot 50% - FYI – NOT enough food for lunch. Enough calories, but not “keep me full” kinda food.
Dry roasted edamame
Turkey breast and salad (that was going to be last night!)

I did not bring enough food for the day today, basically because I just couldn’t wait to crawl into my bed last night and I skimped on… well, skimped on THINKING.  UGH
This weekend will be low-ish key. My “service engine soon” light is on in my car and I am blessed to have a friend who is going to take a look at it – even just to give us a heads up on what the problem could be. Hopefully we will get that done tomorrow morning, as there is another storm coming in tomorrow that could be snow, or rain, or both, and frankly, I would rather be home for that crap.
In other news, they just arrested a girl who was making bombs and threatening to blow up and shoot all the students at the college I attend. Awesome. Really makes me feel nice and safe. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
That’s it for now, guys… My brain is fried.


  1. I hope you can get back to it that quick...I couldn't but I was kind of a wussy. LOL

    1. How long did it take you to go back to work?