Thursday, February 28, 2013

On The Search!

Good Thursday guys –
Sorry for the downer post yesterday. I am nervous about next week and it is effecting me mood hardcore. But, I can’t be brought down, dammit!
I took a muscle relaxer last night going to bed, but it still took me 3 hours to fall asleep. The leg feels a little better today, and I’m going to try and keep it that way. The original plan was spinning for today. I honestly don’t know if that’s such a hot idea… I’m going to wait and see how things feel nearer to the end of the day.
I also realized I didn’t post any eats for yesterday. So, here are eats for today:
Ezekiel and PB
Banana and edamame
Large veggie salad with tuna on top
Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries
Black bean soup, and… something else. Dunno what.
I am cutting down on the coffee… too much per day. No bueno.
Drinking 80-90 oz of water today is my goal.
I can’t let the nerves bring me down. I have to get EXCITED.
Ok, ok…I’m trying.
5 days. This weekend will be a lot of prep for next week. Solidifying schedules of transportation and sitters for my little minions, (THANK GOD FOR MY MOTHER!!!!) and prepping the house for me not to be running it for a while. I am doing some research on some protein smoothies I can drink post surgery. From what I have seen, it’s difficult to eat after surgery, and it’s also difficult to.. .umm... “go”. So, I think going for some liquid nutrition might help in both cases. I’m going to get some clean protein, stock up on some frozen berries, plain Greek yogurt, and ground flax seed. I may try to incorporate some greens in there too. I don’t know if my blender will actually work for doing greens, so we will see. I don’t have a fancy-schmancy smoothie maker, or anything.
Anyone have a recommendation for a good quality, CLEAN protein powder that doesn’t taste like dog poo?
So, far, I am looking at:
About Time Whey Protein Isolate
Both got good reviews on a great site I like to check out for recipes:  He and She Eat Clean
Thoughts bloggers? I know Norma will vote for About Time – That’s what you use, right Norma?
Ok, I’m outta here for now. I may be back later. Peace to all.


  1. I use About Time Whey (as per Norma) and I don't think it tastes like poo. But I really didn't care about the taste because it's the cleanest & lowest cal protein shake you will find. I always drank it plain, but if you can't tolerate that, add a TBSP peanut butter, some blueberries or some almond milk and suck it down!

  2. Yep, that's what I use, per my Nutrition God Dave. I put it in a smoothie with ice, 4 oz of either almond milk or coconut milk, 4 oz of liquid egg whites, flaxseed, a banana, and tbs peanut butter, though. I can't drink powder mixed with water like some people can; I use mine as a meal replacement.