Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Always something there to remind meeee...

Yes, it is hot here in CT in the summer. It is humid. I don't like it, but I accept it. But today?


I walked out of the hospital to walk between buildings and I was hit with a wall of hot steaminess. It literally felt difficult to breath. And peeps, I'm a singer, so I have GOOD LUNGS. If it feels hard for me, I can't imagine how it feels to others!

They were not kidding when they put the heat advisory and air quality alert out there. Not to mention the fatty-d thunderstorm that is supposed to swoop in here in the next few hours.

I love me a good thunderstorm, so I am looking forward to it. Thing 1 and 2 however, get a little skittish, so I will likely have to call daycare and check in on them.

OK, back to the topics at hand. Eating has been good. I say only good and not stellar because I found myself in a predicament yesterday I want to share.

A co-worker of mine gave me a zucchini the size of a toddler. I am not kidding. When I got home with it, I stood it up next to Thing 2 and it was almost as tall as him. Anyway, I got to work making some meals out of this thing. I made an awesome, totally clean zucchini lasagna (zucchini in place of pasta. Don't knock it, just try it. SO FAB) and I wanted to make a little treat for the boys. I set out to make some clean zucchini muffins. Mini ones, so as to control the amount of them they eat. The recipe was something I adapted from a regular sugar and fat laden one I found on line. Subbing Stevia for sugar and applesauce for oil, oats and oat flour for regular. Eggs and egg whites instead of just eggs. Anyway, I even went so far as to mix mini chocolate chips in there (obviously NOT clean) to entice the little buggers to eat them.

Well, it was a success. Things 1 helped me make them and as the official taste tester, agreed they were delightful.

Then, I had one. I really wanted to experience the fruits of my labor.

For a normal person, 1 of these little guys at 50 cals a pop is NO BIG DEAL.

However, for me, the obsession began.

I had another.

Thank goodness I was able to stop it there. But I obsessed about them in the fridge all evening.

This, my friends, is the mind of of a food addict.

This food, while the ingredients are wholesome, when combined into this kind of food product (a baked good of sorts), has a mental effect on me. I was FINE before I had one. Baking them for the family was totally fine. No issues. But, once I tried one, the obsession about them began.

What good has come of this?

Well, I have been reminded once again that I cannot eat like normal people.

The "reminder" didn't impede my calories for the day. It didn't lead me to a binge, and it really was (mostly) calories well spent.

I am grateful for little reminders.

Today, eating has been on par. I am gearing up for an intense tabata session this afternoon. Heat advisories and air quality alerts be damned.

I will weigh in on Friday or Saturday. I am getting less obsessed with getting on the scale all the time. Once (maybe twice) a week is enough.

No workout occurred yesterday (gasp-horror!) Because I got in the kitchen and started cooking, brought the kids out to play, went BACK in the house to keep cooking and by the time I was done in the kitchen and with the kids, it was 8:45 and I had yet to sit down since I got in from work. SO, tabata tonight will be an awesome cardio killer, and tomorrow I plan on upper body strength routine.

I know I promised a little peak at a project I am working on, but it's not quite done yet. As soon as it is, I will post a link.

Hope everyone out there is doing well! Soldier on, peeps!


  1. I would do the same thing with zucchini muffins (and, possibly, with zucchini lasagne, which is a great idea, btw). This is why I rarely do any baking -- I have a pumpkin-cranberry bread recipe that makes three loaves and if I keep ONE and give away two, the one here will last hour. I sit down with a slice, eat it. Kill two minutes, get up, cut another slice...repeat. Finally I say Fuck the charade and I just eat it, with my fingers, in chunks, til it's gone! Sooooo....all three loaves have to be given away immediately. ;)

    1. LOL - That's exactly it! One thing I had the sense to do is wrap up and freeze the majority of the little buggers. If they were just sitting in the fridge, it would be too tempting. Frozen? Grab one or two for the kids, pop them in the lunch box and be done.
      Well, maybe I'll have my hubby do that part. LOL

      The lasagne was awesome:
      I used all reduced fat cheese and home made sauce.

  2. I have that song stuck in my head now, thanks! ;) (Always something there to remind me, dodododo, always something there to remind me...I was born to love you, and I will never be free - you'll always be a part of me)

    1. So glad you got my reference! It's hard to sing on!

  3. You kids with your veggie muffins. If you're gonna cheat, don't mess with Mrs. Walmart cookies. Go large, hump Mrs Fields, and get over it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh, Alan, that bitch is not my type! Lol, besides, she would have been MUCH worse than the little slip with Ms. Zucchini...