Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perpetuating the cycle - lessons of an addict

Hello Blogging world!

No update yesterday and only a quick one today?? Yep, sorry! Life goes that way sometimes!
Things are going great. I have my moments of difficulty, but so does everyone. I am hanging on in a seriously great way.

I'm a little hormonal this week, as us ladies tend to get. But, the only thing that has suffered a little is I had one extra day of "rest". Rest simply meaning no formal workout, but I am still striving for 8000 plus steps per day. Gotta keep the body moving, especially when you work a desk job 8-10 hours per day.

I remember so long ago that this little monthly nuisance would be the opportune time to eat my fool head off. No more.

I've been experimenting in the kitchen a bit more, and writing things down a little better. I tried this amazing cinnamon bread that the hubs and I had for breakfast this morning. Check it out HERE

I mean, for real? It's SO delish. This is the reason why I will not make it again for a while.

What? You may be asking?

Well, it's the plight of the food/sugar addict. Even when something is really good for me, and the stats are fabulous, I can't always just add it to my food logs all the time. I WILL begin to over-indulge in it. No, it won't be as bad as grabbing a pint of ice cream, BUT it's perpetuating the cycle. I need to *mostly* stay away from baked goods, candy or chocolate, ice creams, and snacky-type foods. Even if they are sugar free and packed with protein - it doesn't matter. My mental obsession will kick into gear. It won't be long till those healthy versions are not enough.

I'm not going down that road.

I see this happen a lot. I am actually reading a blog written by a woman who is struggling. She is trying to find the "perfect" food plan that will help her lose weight (aren't we all?) But she is tending toward flip-flopping through different plans, not liking them for one reason or another before giving them a full chance. One thing I notice though, is that for each plan, she immediately tries to figure out how to create treats that *supposedly* follow her plan rules. I KNOW her MO! I did the
SAME THING! I only perpetuate my own cycle of addiction!!

Now, I don't know this woman, so I don't know if that is her case. I only know it looks VERY familiar!

I need to follow a rule for myself: If I cannot eat it (as a food and sugar addict) in its original states (full fat, full sugar, etc) I should stay away from it in its *healthier* state. End of story.

Anyway, that's out in the open. I'm leaving work soon to go channel my inner beast at Tuff Girl, and then home to make dinner.


  1. LOLing at your description. Therein lies her root problem: her relationship with food is like a toddler's relationship with the world. She is all about treats, rewards, snacks...and she expects instant gratification and "breaks" -- as in, I should get to do whatever I want (i.e., eat "fun" things, never exercise) but still get the rewards (weight loss, fitness, health) that others work hard for. She SUCKS. I will unabashedly mock her forever, no matter how evil that makes me. It's funny as hell.

    Keep rockin' it, grrrlllll!

  2. It's funny how things can go from treats to over-indulgences; that one bowl of sugar-free ice cream becomes the whole carton. You have to wonder why we know not to do it but wind up sabotaging ourselves like that, though. Understanding how we develop these bad behaviors and learning how to replace them with better behaviors is vital to keeping weight off permanently. Check out this video, which explains in a little more detail about our subconscious needs:

  3. lol @ norma :)
    Binges are to me what sweets are like to you. I feel ya.