Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes it aint pretty

I'm sitting here enjoying a post-workout berry smoothie and I took the above post-workout picture. It aint pretty, but it's real. Lucky for you, I wiped all my sweat up before snapping this beauty!

Below is the workout I did, slightly modified version of the Keepin' it 100 from Fit2Flex - LOVE their site. Great workouts and real people. It went like this:

Set 1: 40 jacks, 30 squats, 20 high knees, 10 jumping squats
Set 2: 10 push-ups, 10 triceps dips (off chair), 60 second plank, 10 push-ups, 10 triceps dips (off chair)
Set 3: 25 front lunges (L leg) 25 front lunges (R leg) 25 back lunges (L leg), 25 back lunges (R leg)
Set 4: 25 mountain climbers, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 mountain climbers, 25 bicycle crunches.

Repeat the above 2 more times - 

The other modification I made was in the set 3 of the last round where I did:

Set 3 (mod):  25 sumo squats, 25 front lunges, 25 back lunges, 25 squat jacks. 

Eats were great today. Got lots of water in. Not sure why my water goes by the way-side on the weekends, but when I need to pry my wedding rings off in the AM, I know I haven't had enough!

I'm working on a project that I will be posting soon. It's something I am really going out of my comfort zone on and I hope when it's done and posted, everyone will take the time to check out...

To be continued....


  1. Excited =D And it IS VERY PURTY! Promise =)

  2. Hey, seeing someone find success is beautiful!

  3. No, sometimes it ain't pretty - it's beautiful!!! :)

    I am always like, WTF! when I see someone in full make-up and earrings at the gym. Really??

    Nice job on your kick ass work out!

  4. Wow great workout (I hate mountain climbers!!!) Ack!! Can't wait to hear about the project! Keep up the great work and stay focused!