Monday, July 23, 2012

No room for screwin' around

As I am *GRATEFULLY* losing more weight, and I update my Livestrong tracker, I see my calorie allotment slowly getting lower. Of course. You need to lower your calories to maintain a steady loss. As you get smaller, you need fewer calories to function; therefore you need even LESS to keep losing!

Yea, math!

Yet the mental side of that is not something to take lightly. I get into a very comfortable groove. I plan my food for the day ahead, and I know I can have X number of calories here and there, and have some at the end of the day for a piece of fruit, or a little PB... With my large drop (YEA BABY), that has changed. I don't have any "leftover" calories to munch at the end of the day. I have JUST. ENOUGH. to get me through the day with my 3 nutritious meals and a about 200 cals total for snacks during the day.

Livestrong gives me 1239 calories a day now. I don't want to be one of those fattys who says "That's not enough! I'm going into STARVATION MODE"... but my inner-fat-girl starts to tell me that's not enough calories. I think inner-fat-girl is just afraid and she is trying to infect my brain with her hype and her fear.

Regardless, the facts are the same. There is NO ROOM for screwin' around with a calorie allotment of 1239. No. Room.

Eats for today:
1 scoop Click, 1/2 cup almond milk, water
B: Oxygen mag pumpkin oatmeal. (seriously, I could eat it everyday)
L: Zucchini lasagna (ditto)
S: banana
D: Salad with some l.f. cheese, black beans, olives, lots of veggies, a little dressing

This is my outline for the day. I will have a room for 2 more snacks. I would like to TRY and save those calories for this evening, so if I am hungrier at dinner, I can bulk up my salad, but we will see how it goes.

The best way to fill up on little calories is a lot of veggies and very lean proteins (fish is great). As my calories get lower, the switches will be made even more than they are now.

I will tell you one thing though. I'm not going to be hungry. I will swap where I need to swap, but I will NOT starve. If I'm hungry, you better know I am going to EAT. :-)


  1. I am so thankful for you - we always seem to go through the same stuff. I ate around 1500 calories this weekend, where as I usually eat around 1200, and was sure I would show a gain this morning. Nope -a loss. I'll never get this calorie thing figured out.

    1. Rae, I totally agree. I am so grateful for you too!! Sometimes I think "shocking" the body with a day of slightly higher calories can be beneficial. Plus, remember that 300 calories over the amount you would normally loose weight at won't cause a *real* gain. Maybe just a little bloat..
      You rock my socks! We are in this together, girl!!

  2. I've been strength training since February... and I will say, one of the reasons I do it: I get to eat more calories, haha! Muscles burn calories, even when I am at rest. It helps me out so much (difference between eating 1700 and 1800 a day for me on average!)

    1. Hey Jeanette! How did you find that calorie difference? I stretch train 3times per week... Did you just kinda "play" with the cals till you found your "sweet spot"?

    2. Lol, that should read STRENGTH train! Teehee...