Saturday, July 21, 2012

Too fast?? Nahhh....

Saturday evening and I'm totally wiped out. I love the weekend and hate the weekend all at the same time. Saturdays are so busy and regularly results in multiple meltdowns from Thing 2. Par for the course with a 2 year old, of course, but it can be tough.

It's a little before 8 and that means Thing 2 will also be in bed soon. Then the REAL vegging out begins. *ahhhh*. can't wait.

This morning started with a weigh-in............ 193

Can I get a woop-woop????

I went off to my Yuff Girl workout and kicked it's sweaty ass. Rope climbs, pull ups, dead lifts... More and more. My arms are gonna kill in the AM, and I'm going to love every achy second.

Today's eats:
1/2 click shake on the way to workout... I know, I know... But a little caffeine in the AM is super helpful to get me going. Especially going to a workout. I don't like to eat before I go.
B: Baked pumpkin oatmeal with 2 tbs natural pb. So freaking good, and nice and filling after my workout.
L: big salad, lots of chopped veggies, 2 tbs home made dressing, 2 Oz Cabot reduced fat cheese.
S: 1/2 kids size sugar free italian ice... Meh. Tasted so fake, I throw the rest out.
D: awesome Mahi Mahi (4oz) with a delicious tomato pepper and olive relish my hubby made, and 1/2 sweet potato with 1 tbs plain Greek yogurt. It was really good.

I have a little over 200 cals left, so I'm deciding how to spend it wisely. Fruit smoothie? Hmmm... That might happen!

I got asked at the gym today if I was "losing too fast". I was like, really? It's taken me 4 freaking years to get here. She was speaking specifically about lately. I told her no. My body was just doing what it was supposed to do when I'm feeding it 1250 cals a day of good, clean food and exercising my tail off.

Thats all I have for tonight, my friends. Soldier on!


  1. Holy crap, girl!! Our bodies are so scarily alike, you just dropped it like it was nothing. Love ya, Graz!