Monday, July 2, 2012

Epic. Fail.

No, not me! My overnight oats experiment!! UGH!

So, I decided to try out what everyone has been raving about. These overnight oats certainly have their appeal in quickness in the AM. I found a recipe that called for steel cut oats, which my hubby and I prefer. It contained (in each of 2 containers) 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 tbs organic honey, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. It smelled like apple pie, without the apple, when I was mixing it up, so I added 1/2 chopped apple. I mixed it all, and put it in the fridge with a tight lid, as directed.

THEN I entered the recipe into Livestrong to track it - 413 calories. WHAT???? 


So, I'm thinking, these freaking oats better be so amazing that I am not hungry for HOURS.

I pre-planned my entire day to offset the large amount of calories this oatmeal was going to cost me.

I get into work this morning, and I am eyeing this container suspiciously. I heated it up (cause I really like oatmeal hot. You are supposed to be able to eat it cold, too). I take it back to my desk and take a bite.


OMG. Tasteless with a side of bitter. LOL. Of course,  I decided this was not worth 400 calories. This was not worth... well... anything!! I dug my apples out, so I had 1/2 apple and 1 oz of cheese for breakfast.

Oh well, an experiment gone bad!

I will try overnight oats again, but I will use the quick oats, which will cut the calories in half. AND obviously will try a different recipe over all.

My hubby was so funny - he took the other container. When I asked him what he thought, he said "well, umm, they are... um, ok". I'm like - "don't spare my feelings- they are horrible!" He laughed - and totally agreed!

Today is a little rough now, since I am starving. But, I have made it to lunch. 1/2 cup homemade chili, 3/4 cup roasted veggies, with 1/2 sweet potato, 1 oz cabot 75% red fat cheese

I was a lazy butt yesterday and I did not exercise. Tonight I will make up for that by torturing myself with a little Bob Harper Total Body Transformation. Yeah, the one where his model exercisers fall on the floor from fatigue.

I'm staying off the scale till Friday. No need in driving myself bonkers.

Out for now!


  1. I havent tried overnight oats yet ... but when I make my favorite oatmeal with oldfashioned oats, I always make 3-4 servings and seperate the extra in single serving containers. Then the next day for work I just warm it up, or eat it cold. I actually prefer it cold.

    My favorite way to make it -
    Make 3-4 servings of old fashioned oats as said on the box. While you are waiting for the water to boil add 1 banana for 4 servings (mushed up) and a splash or two of vanilla extract. Make the oats (I make mine just with water). Then when done add 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp splenda and a handful of blackberries and a handful of raspberries (both I keep bags of frozen in the freezer just for this). I like it hot but cold taste soooo yummy with the hint of chocolate and the tart berries.

    1. oooh, now that sounds good! That will be the next experiment. Maybe even tonight! Thanks!!

  2. Hahaha! I'm glad someone else was the guniea pig first! So sorry it was a failure, I'd read all kinds of things on Pinterest about those.

    1. LOL - I've seen them everywhere and people just rave and rave. Maybe I did something wrong? I dunno, but I will keep trying till I get that cup full of bliss like everyone else, dammit! LOL

  3. That calorie count sounds way off . Half a cup of oats (any kind) should be about 200 calories, 4 ounces of almond milk should be 20, the honey maybe 20 calories at most...the spices should be pretty close to zero.

    1. That's what I thought too - but the steel cut oats I have are 150 cals for 1/4 cup, (where as quick oats are 150 for 1/2 cup) So, 300 for 1/2 cup of just the oats! 1/2 apple is 40 cals, etc... totally insane. That's probably why I could only find 1 recipe for the steel cut kind...