Friday, July 13, 2012

Like a balloon....

Sooooo..bout yesterday... yeah, sorry about all the pouty crap. We all get into those moods now and again, right?

The amazing thing is - I didn't cave. After a 15 hour day, non stop, I didn't allow being hungry or moody or tired to screw with my eating.

Oh, the inner-fat-girl was RAGING, but I beat her back down. I got home at 10:00 and ate a big salad. about 30 minutes later I was in bed. End of story.

Thanks you, JESUS it's Friday!!

No exercise yesterday (unless staying awake is becoming an Olympic sport. Anyone? Anyone?) so I have to get in some cardio tonight, as I will get my heavy lifting on in the AM. As always, looking forward to it.

Eats for today:
1 serving baked apple spice oatmeal (other 1/2 of my recipe from yesterday)
3/4 cup of vegetarian chili (homemade), 2 oz cabot 75% red fat cheese
S: 1/2 endive, 2 TBS hummus
S: banana
D: Not sure. Once I get the kids fed, I'll be on my own tonight (hubby is in rehearsal) so I don't know if I really feel like cooking. I may do a salad again, and then maybe top the night off with some apples and PB.

This chica is hitting the hay early tonight.

So, not really much to report. I will weigh in tomorrow morning, but I expect nothing. I'm holding water like a freaking balloon. Good times.

Keep moving forward, peeps!

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  1. Everyone has those days. Good on you for not turning to food in your time of despair! You look fabulous! Less than 20pounds to go. Great job:)