Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grump, grump, grouse, grouse...

Oh crap, guys... I'm in a pissy mood. Apologies ahead of time.... gr.....

It's only 10AM and I am longing for my bed. This on a day where I am working my standard 8, overtime 2 and running to a meeting at church where I have been called to be on the Sr. Minister Search Committee. I'm excited about it, and this is our first meeting, but I'm just not in a stellar place today.

And I did NOT bring enough food with me today to not be home until 9:00 tonight. *sigh*

Feeling excessively tired and cranky. But, you already knew that.

To give you an idea about where I am at with my food today, this is what I have ALREADY eaten:

1 oz 2% cheese
Baked Apple Spice Oatmeal (takeoff on last weeks pumpkin spice. Cause I was out of pumpkin, and I had unsweetened apple sauce.)
1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese
1 banana

And let me re-iterate that it's ONLY 10AM.

What's on tap for the rest of the day? Well:

1 cup vegetarian 2 bean chili (homemade - spicy and yummy)
1 oz cabot 75% red fat cheese
30 grms dry roasted edamame.

Yes. That's what I have left till 9:00 tonight.

Not. Good.

Tonight once I get home, it's salad city for dinner. Load up with the veggies and some lean protein and just some balsamic for dressing. All of the above food is already at 914 calories. I will only have 350 to play with.

I successfully shoved a cork in the inner-fat-girls-trap this morning at Starbucks (where I stopped to get the boys milk) who was rationalizing the purchase of a skinny mocha because "you already have a headache, it's just going to get worse without a little caffeine" and "it's just a little skim milk. It's no big deal"... oh sure fatty. A little skim milk with chemical loaded sugar free syrup that will only prompt you to want more and more and more all day. Just say "NO" to obsession.

Bitch. Trying to take advantage of my pissy mood.

On top of this, I am honing my will-of-iron to brave the "munchy meeting" this afternoon. The best scenario would be to save my yummy crunchy edamame for the meeting, so as to not be lured by pretzels.

Sorry for all the bitchin'. It's not like it's going to change anything. Long ass day, tired and grumpy as hell.

Just about sums it up.

Oh, however, I DID rock the socks off of my work out last night. Chin ups, run outs, plank drags, gliding pushups and of course, gliding mountain climbers... just to name a few. Then I went home and made the most amazing stuffed potato skins for hubby and I - sweet potato (for me, white for him) stuffed with broccoli, black bean burger, 2 tbs plain greek yogurt seasoned with garlic and onion and only using about 1/2 the potato insides. Stuffed them, put 1 oz on cheese on top and baked them up. SO good. About 300 calories.  Great meal for after workout.

Tomorrow I will do a weigh in. I'm not expecting any change, since it seems my body likes to hold out for a little bit, then drop a larger number. But, you never know, we will see.


  1. God is that not THE most frustrating thing EVER? How our body loves to hold steady for days and days and then drop like a rock for no apparent reason? I've been 194 all week. Every day. I'm still waiting on my drop.

    And much loves babe, you will power through this day, although it will take it out of you.

  2. I always bring lots of snacks/veggies/fruits to tide me over!