Monday, July 16, 2012

A word about commitment

Commitment is a word we throw around a lot. But what does it mean to really be committed to something?
It means doing what you have to do to achieve a goal, even if it's uncomfortable, tiring, and you "just don't wanna".

Obviously working out consistently is a big commitment. But to me, it's an even bigger commitment to keep your food in check.

I eat a clean diet. Whole foods - veggies, fruits, dairy, lean proteins, and whole carbohydrates. I keep to this almost exclusively. I'm not perfect. But commitment is not about being perfect, it's about staying to course. And the truth is, that most any plan out there can "work" if you can commit to it fully. I have taken "Clean Eating" and made it work for me. It makes the most sense to me. I am committed to it. As long as your plan includes less calories in than you are putting out, you can make it work.

Last night, after a weekend of lots of errands, cleaning, re-organizing, and de-cluttering, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. But, it's my responsibility to me and my family to prepare foods for the week. Shopping on Saturday, food prep on Sunday. Sometimes this cooking can take hours. No, I "didn't wanna". I would have loved to sit on the couch and veg, but I couldn't. I am committed.

So, I got myself busy in the kitchen. Cooking up veggies, dividing raw veggies and fruits into servings, cooking up a crust-less quiche that will feed hubby and I breakfast for 3 days, meatloaf muffins for lunches, plus dinner for last night. Between prep, cooking, and cleanup, I was in the kitchen for 3 hours (including an unfortunate 20 minutes where we were out of power. Luckily, I had just take the quiche from the oven!)

This is not a burden. Sure, sometimes it can feel that way, but it's a gift I give myself and my husband and my kids. A healthy me. Healthy them. I cannot afford any "I don't wanna's" when it comes to this.

I had an amazing workout on Saturday. Iron(wo)man at Tuff Girl. Woh. It's a very different kind of structure from the other workouts we do there. The first time I did it, I cried. The second time, I merely whimpered. This past Saturday, I whimpered a little still, but I lifted heavy and I finished my cardio section before the timer, so I was happy about that. I did not workout yesterday. Not even a freakin' walk! After everything that needed to get done around the house and with the kids and the cooking, it didn't happen. The fact that my entire body is one big sore muscle didn't contribute at all (wink, wink). So, tonight I'm in for a long sweaty cardio session. It will feel goooood.

I am down 1 lb from last week. I will TOTALLY take it. We are moving and grooving in the right direction.

So, do you have the courage to truly commit? You HAVE the strength. You have EVERYTHING you need. Now it's up to you.

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