Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Thursday pick-me-up... Ish.

If tomorrow wasn't Friday, I would have to do something Umm... Whine a lot.

Ok, never mind. Tomorrow IS Friday, so I (you) don't have to worry.

This is one of those nights that if I didn't have a hold on myself, Inner Fatty would have taken hold of a pint of ice cream, curled up in the bed and vegged out all night. That garbage food doesn't live in my house anymore, so that wasn't an option.

Instead, I did a 20 minute tabata, some upper body weights and topped it off with 75 pushups. I was (am) still feeling down after, but at least that was 45 minutes of my evening that I was focused on getting my sweat on, and not crap food.

Last nights workout at Tuff Girl was freaking amazing. Tabata format using battle ropes, rogue box up-and-overs, climbers, one-legged burpees, side run-outs... And more! It was seriously epic. I was pouring liquid awesome. Amazing.

Eats today were very good. Oxygen Mag's Baked Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal, zucchini lasagna, banana, roasted edamame, and a big honkin' salad for dinner. A few Oz of cheese for a little protein, and I'm done for the night.

Stomach is acting up a little. Uncomfortable and a little bloated. I know, TMI.

So, I have no sunshine and roses tonight. I think I'll weigh in the the AM. I'm hoping to see at least a little loss.

Healthy lifestyle is not easy. It's not for the lazy. It's not for the weak. It's really. Freaking. Hard. You have to eat it drink it sleep it dream it and work it everyday, without exception. Sometimes, I don't want to. Sometimes I want to say "screw it". But if I did, I would just be that 365 lbs pile of misery I used to be. I can never go back. I push through the "I don't wannas" and move on.

The end... For today...

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  1. This post is why I love your blog. You are a fighter!!!

    Way to bitch slap your inner fatty!