Monday, June 27, 2011

Jingle... walk?

walk, walk, walk. walk, walk, walk. Zig zag all the way!
Yes, that is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. It's sung to Jingle Bells because Thing 1 is STILL singing Jingle Bells. Yes, 6 months later. Sometimes he changes the words: "Jingle poop, Jingle poop" (This is, obviously, hilarious) or "Jingle Mama, Jingle Mama"... you get the picture. But, I digress.
I want to explain to you all what my "zig zag walk" is. It's actually pretty ingenious (if I do say so myself). I am not a person who enjoys the heat, this summer, while not amazingly hot (yet) has been quite stormy, and between the two, have forced my walks inside. I needed to figure out how to get a 20 minute walk in that wasn't going to bore me to tears. Thus, the zig-zag walk was born.
My building is 4 floors. I work in the basement. so, I start at my office and make my way all the way down one hall (the building is quite long, as well) I go up the stairs to the first floor, and walk all the way down to the other end. Walk up to the second floor, etc, etc... all the way up to the 4th floor and back down. Thus, "zig-zagging" my way through the building. I have taken to doing this most days at work on my lunch. It takes about 20 minutes, then I have time to at least make my lunch and begin eating as I start work again. It's over 2500 steps, easy (I should check that) and it keeps me moving at a rather sedentary job.
One thing I was thinking about on my walk today was how I avoid people when I do it. Especially once I get to the point of being red-cheeked and a little sweaty. One day last week, I ran into one of the doctors I work for (Who is SUPER nice, BTW) and I was walking as fast as my feet would go without breaking into a jog. "You're in a hurry!" he said. So, I explained my lunch walk ritual to him.

I felt a little silly. I know I am doing something good for myself, and I shouldn't care if other people wonder why I am walking by their office at least 2 times in a whirlwind. But, I am very used to trying to dissapear. Don't draw attention! "Fatty is trying to exercise! Hilarious!" *sigh* So hard to get out of old mindsets.
On my walk, I also travel by the cafeteria. Twice. With their baked good and french fry smells wafting. People carrying their yummy (yet usually unhealthy) lunches out in droves. I put my head down and make that the quickest leg of my walk. Avoid. temptation. (They have chocolate chip cookies as big as your FACE) It's OK... I'm alright.
Anyway. It's Monday. Food is going very well (small handful of M&M's, that I logged and will simply make part of my calorie intake today). Going to a Bootcamp tonight WOOHOO! I need a good ASS kicking!

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