Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday positive commitments - ETA updates

I am writing these commitments in the positive. Attempting to commit to things I "will" do as opposed to what I "will not" do.

Today I Will:

*Eat ONLY the food I have prepared and brought with me to work. (This, in case anyone is wondering, does NOT include M&M's)
*Drink at least 80 oz of water today
*Get up from the wretched desk and walk at every opportunity (at least 4 times today)
*Go to my tuff girl workout (as long as the ankle I turned on the way in here co-operates)
*I will deal with any uncomfortable feelings that surface today with eating to quell them. I will take a deep breath, write, call someone, take a walk...
*I will attempt to remain positive about my life situation.

I realize my last post was a downer. I wish I could say I was feeling better, but right now, I'm not. My awesome mom has offered to buy me another punch card for my Tuff Girl workouts. I hate to take it, but I really need it to keep me moving in the right direction, so I accepted.
My eating yesterday was less than stellar. It started with handfulls of M&M's from my bosses office, and ended with ice cream. No good. I will not let it drag me down into a pattern. I will recover and continue to eat the way I know is good for me... regardless of my mental state.

Ok, this is my edited update:
I have taken 12,258 steps today. Yeah! I have burned about 2900 calories, and taken in 1500 - a 1400 calorie deficit! Woot!
As of 8:52PM, I have done every one of the above objectives. I actually drank 84 oz of water, walked 5 times at work, and went to my KICK ASS Tuff Girl workout. I am currently STILL attempting to remain positive about the way things are right now and I will tell you exactly how I am doing that:
My mother is such a source of relief and perspective for me. She called me up after reading my previous blog, and, in a way only a mommy can, helped me to remember that the way things are now is not forever. Time moves on, and before you know it, things change. And, as I mentioned earlier, has offered to buy me a "punch card" for my workouts... now, if I can only get her to come with me!
While at work today I received an e-mail from a friend, Rachel. We are not terribly close (yet!) but I met her at the awesome leadership seminar I attended a few months ago, have done quite a few workouts at Tuff Girl with her, and she is joining me in the Fit-Bottomed Girl Weight Loss Challenge. She is a lovely, strong woman. I opened this e-mail and literally gasped out loud. This generous, kind soul told me she was moved by my previous blog, inspired by what I was doing, and had consequently purchased me a "punch card" for my beloved Tuff Girl workouts. The workouts that keep me so motivated.
Needless to say, I was without words. I was totally and utterly shocked, a little embarrassed, and beyond grateful. I wrote her back immediately and thanked her profusely. It's not just about the money she put forth, but the thought and care she showed me, even though we still don't know each other that well. I can only hope to repay her somehow in the future.
My hubby also helped me so much today. I sent him a fairly whiney e-mail about how I was never going to make it, I was never going to open my center, it was going to take sooo long, I didn't know what I was doing... blah, blah, blah. So hubby, in his amazing hubby way, e-mailed me back all the reasons it WAS going to work. Not only that, but helped me focus and map out what I really wanted. He's GOOD I tell you! It's a strong, brave man who can deal with me!
Anyway, all of this has shown me that I am so lucky. I am so loved and cared for. I am really, really grateful. I will not let any of you down!!

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  1. OH,this post made me so happy!!