Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plantar fasc...whatever

I have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis... inflamation of the plantar fascia - or the tissue on the bottom of the foot. The tissue attaches in the middle of the heal, and there are lots of reasons it can become inflamed and hurt like a bitch. I have been ignoring it, as it was on and off, but yesterday got up out of bed and could hardly walk. I limped around at work all day til I found a podiatrist with an opening in the afternoon. She was super nice. I got inserts, and I need to get fitted for sneakers (which I wanted to do anyway). She said I have very flat feet - no arch at all. And after I told her about my physical activity, she simply nodded and said "THAT'S why!".
So, She gave me stretching exercises to do, and along with the inserts, it feels a little better. I have been ordered however, to do NO cardio that involves stress on the heal - which, is pretty much all the cardio I do.

So, after freaking out a little, I decided to go to a Spinning class this evening for my daily sweat. Spinning is HARD. I usually PRAY for the end of class... and while that's good, I think that's why I haven't done it in a while. Inevitably, I ask myself in the middle of class - "WHY did I decide to do this??" It seems (assuming that it's not too much stretch/pressure on the heal) that this may be my only really feasible option. I signed up for class tonight, and tomorrow night - now, THAT might be a little crazy. We shall see.
I don't want this to de-rail what I have been doing. I am really proud of my accomplishments, especially in the eating department. I feel like I have gotten through quite a few moments when it would have been easy, REALLY easy, to break down and pig out on junk. The hubs and I are keeping each other in line.
An update on the hubs - he's been offered a role in a musical that he has ALWAYS wanted to play. I am SO excited for him, and SUPER proud of him. It's good motivation for him to stick to the plan, because he has till October, and wants to feel good walking on that stage. I want him to feel good too. Hooray for hubby!
Speaking of Hooray - now, when we say "Hooray!" to Thing 2 - he squeals and claps his hands. It's ridiculously adorable. I'm such a lucky mama!


  1. A friend of mine is dealing with the same thing right now--- and she's running a half marathon in October. EEK!

    Personally, I love spinning--- but it's mostly because I know I'm getting my butt totally kicked. Most days after spinning, I feel like I'm going to die... lol

    Good luck my dear! Heal up fast!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Sarah - I DID feel like I wanted to die. I almost cried in the middle of class - because the class was only half over. And yes, I'm going back for more tomorrow! LOL

  3. I had it years ago Kel and cortisone shots helped it.