Friday, March 25, 2011

5K time and looking forward

Well, I finally saw that my 5K time last weekend was 41:57. I am very happy that I finished this race, but was a little disappointed with the time. I know, I know... my goal was to move my body from the starting line to the finish line, regardless of time, but I can't help be a little put off. My last 5K time was 47:00 (about) so I should be really happy... but I dunno. I feel like I have come so far in my fitness, and I need to be under 40 minutes. So, I am looking forward. I have another 5K in 2 weeks, April 9, and my goal is simply to beat this time. This, for me, is easier said than done. I really feel as though to do this, I will have to run the whole race. This has kind of been an ultimate goal of mine, and to do it a few weeks after pneumonia might be a lot to ask, but I am going to try.
I have been advised not to run for at least a few more days, so I plan on going for a very brisk walk, or doing some inside cardio tonight. I would have loved to go to the gym and jump on the treadmill, but I don't think that's a good plan, nor is it respectful of others working out to go in and spread my germs everywhere.
Running is not what I thought it would be in a lot of ways. I originally thought I would hate it, then I thought I would grow to love it. Now, I have a kind of love-hate feeling about it. I love that I can do it now, because I never, in a million year thought I could, but I don't love the actual act like I thought I was going to. Maybe I just haven't given it enough time yet, so I am going to keep it going.

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