Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Doings

Wednesday. Class tonight. Communications. I feel as though I should have life-experience credit for this class, but apparently, I don't, so I must go. Thank goodness the instructor is interesting.
Work is going well. I am enjoying (mostly) what I am doing and it is leading to a permanent, full time, with benefits, with paid time off job. It's about time. Although it's not official yet - it's looking very good.
Pretty tired today. Sammy was up at 4:30, but slept the whole night, so it was good for him, sucky for me. He's not feeling well still, so I would much rather he be getting a lot of sleep than worry about my sleep - for now anyway.
Eating has been a little fuzzy the past few days. It's funny, it seems as though I am dealing with some sub-conscious self-sabotage. I weighed myself the other day - and I was 208. Holy Crap. That is a loss of 157 lbs. That is 9 lbs away from having a 1 in front of that number, which probably hasn't been there since I was in elementary school! One would presume this is going to fuel the fire of my eating and exercise routine, and yet I find myself sliding into some old bad habits. It won't last, and everyone has these moments, but it seems as though whenever I hit a particular land-mark, it rears it's ugly head. Interesting... and annoying.
Well, I have to get back to work. yea, work. Still getting used to it all. And when I am sitting at this desk, all I want to do is eat! Hmm, if anyone has any hints as to how to stave off the office munchies, please pass them along!

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