Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pink eye.
Yes, I have pink eye.
No one else does, thank you, GOD. But really? REALLY??
*sigh* ok. This kinda sucks, but I know there are lots worse. I will just be happy when we are ALL well! UGH!
Ok, I'm done with my whining now... mostly.
Eating has been a crap-shoot. Sometimes I make good choices, and sometimes I don't. One thing I have not been choosing well is my exercise, as in, I still have not done any. I know I need to - but my body is rejecting that idea. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, maybe I will do some Yoga - something to help me get moving again without being so much stress that I decide not to do it. Yoga will feel good, and relaxing.
Things are so hectic with everyone being sick, and with the masseuse canceling for my wellness party on Saturday, I have decided to postpone it. I'm disappointed, but in a way, also relieved. In a few weeks, things will calm down a bit and we will try it again.
Next week is my birthday. I will be 33. There are a lot of things I wanted to do before my 33rd birthday, that I haven’t even begun and some things I never anticipated that I have going full swing. Life is funny. Plan all you want, but you never know what’s coming.
I’ll check back in later with my Yoga update!

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