Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sickie update

Ok, I know I've been posting an awful lot about everyone being sick, but seriously, it's an issue.
I went to my PCP yesterday and after a chest x-ray was told I had pneumonia,(thankfully, my doc doesn't think my race on Saturday pushed me into the pneumonia) was given 2 different antibiotics, cough meds with codeine, and sent home to "rest". I get home, "rest" for an hour (while I cleaned the kitchen and fixed dinner) and then brought Josh (Thing 1) to the doctors for his prolonged sickness. Well, a pediatrician visit turned into an ambulance ride to the Pedi ER. *sigh*.

Finally Thing 1 was diagnosed with viral pneumonia (which sucks, because no meds are given for that) and given a nebulizer treatment and a popcicle, we made our way home from the hospital about 1AM. Josh was up twice between then and 5:45AM, and then it was up and at-em. Why, you ask?? Because I just started this job, and I can't take time off. I am still in my probationary period, and I already had to take tomorrow off to bring Sammy(Thing 2) to his allergy testing. Does it suck? yes. Do I have to suck it up? YES.
It's 1:30, and I feel the urge to put my head down on my desk and fall asleep, however, that would probably look even worse than staying home today, so I will perservere...I hope.
The hubs is sick to and visiting the doctor today, thank goodness. The only one not sick is Sammy. Thank God for small favors.
Hopefully by the beginning of next week, everyone will be feeling better, I can air out my germy house, and clean it up properly and we can move on from this winter! Who's with me???

ETA: By the way, I lost 8 freakin' lbs this week! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

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