Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: 6 Round Slim-down with Stephanie Vitorino

Double post today! Aren't you lucky? LOL
Ok, here is a little review of a new workout I tried this evening. Anyone who has Comcast On Demand can access this workout for FREE. So go - do it! Well, do it AFTER you read my review...
6 Round Slim-down with Stephanie Vitorino may well be one of the most hardcore workouts I have tried on Exercise TV. You must understand - when I think of a hardcore workout, I think of the amazing Christa Doran of Bodyology in Hamden, CT. Now, those boot camps are AMAZING... but I digress. Normally, I don't expect I am going to get a hardcore workout from the lovelies at Exercise TV, but this was surely an exception.
The 6 Round Slim-down consists of a warm up, 6 rounds of a strength training/cardio/core combo, and a cool down/stretch. Well, I was sweating about 2 minutes in. For real. This 40 minute workout went so quickly, and I am sitting here 10 minutes later STILL sweating. Eww, ok, that might have been TMI.
In order to do this workout, Stephanie suggests you need two sets of hand weights, one "light" (mine were 5 lbs) and one "heavy" (mine were 8 lbs), a medicine ball (I don't have one) and a mat. Now, in place of the medicine ball, I used ONE of my 8 lbs dumbbells, and it really worked just fine. When Stephanie calls for "tossing" the ball, I just pressed my weight up.
The moves are easy to follow, but still really challenging. One thing I really felt I needed to work on was my balance, which involves a lot of core strength. This is something I have known, but was really evident in this workout. The quickness of each round really made this workout fly, because you weren't stuck on any one thing for a long period of time.
All in all - I say GO FOR this workout! Serious calorie burn, baby! Woh! No longer feeling any guilt about that tall nonfat mocha from Starbucks! :-)

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