Monday, March 14, 2011

excuses, be gone!

Boy, losing that hour this weekend was rough.
It was, after all, my work-out hour...
There is only one time a year I can use THAT excuse, and I used it yesterday.
No, really, in actuality, the day really got away from me, and I didn't workout yesterday. Today I woke up exhausted and in dis-belief it was Monday. The kids were tired and ornrey and it made me the same.
By the time I got into work this morning, I was already making up excuses for why not to take my lunchtime walk.
"well, it's only Monday... I have all week to get my exercise in"
"I'm too tired"
"It's my long day, I shouldn't HAVE to exercise"
Ohh yes, they went on and on.
As I listed the excuses in my head, I realized that they were just that: excuses.
So, at 12:10 I yanked on my sneakers and went out for my jaunt. As I walked, I thought about my excuses. Being a mom to 2 kids, having a full time job AND part time job, going to school, being involved with church, running a community theater company would be enough to make even busiest people take pause, and perhaps feel as though exercise just couldn't be part of the equation. Yet, here I was, huffing my way through a 2 mile walk in my measly 30 minute lunch beak. Why?
For the same reasons I cooked relentlessly yesterday, and stayed up late to pack mine and hubby's lunch.
Health, wellness, feeling good, living long, and yes, weight loss.
I mean, if I were to strive to do everything possible for my weightloss journey - cooking and eating healthy, nutritious food for myself and my family, taking the time to eat mindfully, exercising at least hour a day, taking time for de-stressing... well, it would be it's own full time job. Now, if I could just find a job that would pay me to do all that.....
Oh right! It's called being a nutritionist and trainer... hm, I knew I was going back to school for a reason.
By the way... 95 on my first Nutrition exam... niiiiccceee.....

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