Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's positive affirmations post

Although it seems a little late for affirmations, I thought about them this morning and have been putting them into action. They are similar to yesterdays:
*I will eat the food I packed for myself, and nothing in additon
*I will get up from my desk at least 4 times and walk around
*I will drink at least 80 oz of water
*I will not feel guilty if I am unable to have a workout tonight because I will be in rehearsal.

So far, I am doing very well. I did NOT eat anything at the little breakfast that was laid out before this mornings meeting. I waited and ate my own breakfast when I got back to my desk. Besides that, it has just been my own food.
I have already gotten up and walked twice. Three times if you count my walk in (which is about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile). I will try to walk again in the next 2 hours, but I will have my walk back to the car.
So far, I have drunk 54 oz of water.
The workout thing is harder. I have gotten to a point where if I don't exercise everyday I feel really guilty. I might try to squeeze in a little something before leaving for rehearsal... we will see how the boys behave.
It's Friday, it's a long weekend, and I get to leave 30 minutes early today because I had to be in early for a meeting. Things are looking up.
The ankle feels ok - a little sore, but no biggie. My heel is on and off. Sometimes fine, sometimes I limp like a 90 year old with arthritis. Sheesh.
I think I will attempt a spinning class in the morning... :-)

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