Thursday, May 10, 2012

12/90, scale-less journey

Day 12 of my 90 meetings in 90 days challenge. I really didn't think this would be a "challenge" in the way I am used to doing a challenge. But, it really has been. I had to break from studying for finals to go to meetings. I need to carve out time to do meetings even when my attention is needed in many other places (hubby, kids, house...) But I have been doing it. Almost always, I feel I read something that I needed to see, or I share something I needed to get off my chest. I like to read the shares. It helps so much to know that I am not alone in my "insanity".

I am still not getting on the scale. I had stepped on last week to acknowledge where I was (post super-struggles with eating for what seems like forever) and I was up a few lbs. Nothing crazy (Thank you, Lord!). But, I think I really know now that the scale is not my friend. Not even when it shows me the numbers I want to see. It's not a marker for the important things. The important things being:

1. recovery
2. eating food good for my body, and mind
3. Moving my body

I know that if I am doing these things the way I should be, the nubmer on the scale doesn't NEED to matter. I am being healthy. I will lose weight.

Weight loss has become such a different animal for me. I became SO used to seeing that number drop quickly when I was "on task" that when it DIDN'T - FREAK OUT! It's not going to happen that way anymore! I'm not going to drop 5 lbs in a week doing healthy things for me! So, to avoid this constant learning curve, I am simply staying off the scale.

I said a few posts back, in order to gage my weight loss, I am using 2 pairs of pants I bought recently. I have not tried those on again yet. I think I will do that to get a good picture of the progress on 5/31 (yes, this date was just chosen arbitrarily! lol) It's exactly 3 weeks from today.

I am officially in training at Tuff Girl 2x per week. I went there last night straight from work... wow, SUPER difficult to do that kind of workout after an already full day, but I pushed through. My sore legs are testiment. Amazingly enough, I have found that I am weaker in cardio than in weight training. All body-weight movements last night using the TRX, jam balls, gliding disks and battle ropes... I have a love/hate relationship with battle ropes! I was absolutely exhausted, sweaty and shaking when I left there last night. But I am determined to kick ASS at the Rugged Maniac run in September!

So, what is YOUR relationship like with the scale? Healthy? Unhealthy? If you think it's unhealthy, have you ever considered using a different method to track your progress?

Alright, I think I have rambled enought for now. Soldier on, peeps!


  1. You're description of the changed relationship with your weight loss is SPOT ON. Back when I was 'on task' myself it seemed...dare I say easy? All I had to do was say 'no' a couple of times a week, maybe go for a few runs, and the pounds fell away! Now though, its a completely different ball game...

    My scales and I were on a break for a while, but I'm getting back to it. I think I stopped weighing because I knew I hadn't been trying hard, and didn't want that confirmed by the scales. Now I'm obeying the rules again though, I've noticed the scales are being a bit more friendly to me!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I thought I would pop over and check you out and I'm glad I did. What a journey you are on! Looking forward to following you!!!!!!

    And since you relationship with the scale is ever evolving and requires more effort than most other relationships in my lifee. I'm learning to use it as a gage to show me when I'm doing well and when I need to tighten my food up. I'm happiest when I weigh in once a week. I am currently on a scale break - due to some diet & fitness changes I have made to my routine.

  3. Your attitude is so healthy. The scale and I have a one-sided relationship. When I'm doing well, I'm on it every time I pee. When I'm not, it's under the sink. The accountability is good but I agree, it can become a problem. Love the idea of the pants. Can't wait to get there!

  4. The scale for me is just a tool. I cannot gauge anything by it. Everyone is telling me I'm looking thinner. I heard this so many times, yet the scale stays the same. For me, I just keep pushing through. What I do and what I put in my mouth ~ That's all I can control....If I keep making good choices then, the scale will have to move!!

    Keep focused!!!